Injecting Disinfectant Can Treat Coronavirus – Donald Trump

The Idea of Donald Trump on Coronavirus

The US President Donald Trump is now sharing his ideas with the researchers on how to treat the coronavirus. On Thursday, at the press conference, Mr. President suggested that utilizing the disinfectants that are usually harmful for the human, or that are poisonous if taken in large amounts, can help the infected patients remove the virus from their body by flushing. Trump has also claimed that he has an ability to understand the public health and said that inject light and heat under the skin can be effective in eliminating the symptoms of this virus, which has already taken away the lives of 50,000 Americans. Trump, in front of the reporters, addressed that –

“So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous, whether its the ultraviolet or very powerful light – and I think you said that has not been checked but you are going to test that – and then I said suppose you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other ways. And I think you said you are going to test that as well. Sounds interesting……..”

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The task force coordinator of the coronavirus, named Dr. Deborag Birx, informed Trump that this isn’t a promising treatment option. Though his proposal is too unintelligent to cause harm, in previous weeks, his bogus information resulted in the death of a man from Arizona who had drunk chloroquine phosphate. He was supposed to take hydroxychloroquine, but mistakenly drank that one.

Reporter Philip Rucker, at Thursday’s presser called the President out on the obvious misinformation. Trump replied that people turning into those briefings, they wanted to get guidance and information and wanted to know what they should do. He also said that he was the president and those briefings were fake.