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Inventus to register the investment for cash exits of worth Rs 230 crore

One of the most renowned technology-based fund organizations Inventus Capital Partners recently accounted a cash exits of worth Rs 230 crore. This cash exit was backed under three leading companies along with partial sale in AsaanJobs to OLX, eDreams to Reliance Industries, and PolicyBazaar to SoftBank. 

Inventus reported that in 2015, they accounted for an investment worth Rs. 10.7 crore in the leading recruiting organization AsaanJobs with two funding rounds and were closure to 15% stake in the firm and regulatory filings show. The market was showcased over 2X cash returns on investments when the company was sold to OLX in the year 2019. 

While partnering with Funtoot which is served to be an e-learning product and service provider, Inventus was the sole institutional investor accounting worth Rs 50 crore of investment in multiple rounds. The company held over 35% of the business in mid-2019. It has also been reported that in December 2019, Reliance Industries were focusing on education technology to make it more advanced and developed, thus following the strategy and interest, Embibe acquired over 90.5% stake in Funtoot for worth Rs. 71.64 crore.  

Inventus to register the investment
Inventus to Register the Investment

In the previous year, the largest exit in the history of funding organization was conducted and it has been dedicatedly focused through selling a partial stake in order to invest in PolicyBazaar to Japan’s SoftBank. The fund marked an investment worth Rs. 30 crore in PolicyBazaar with two funding rounds. Inventus registered a mark of around 1.67% stake in the company for worth Rs. 177 crore, accounting more than 20X returns. 

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Parag Dhol, Managing Director of Inventus Capital Partners stated that the current exits are challenging in the Indian business industry and have a comparatively lesser number of acquirers in the industry. Furthermore, most of the Indian companies got interested to acquire startups and pay fair value for IP and Businesses.

In the recent past, Inventus has marked around four exits from its two previous funds, including Sokrati’ acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network and redBus; sold to Naspers-owned Ibibo Group which was reportedly between the range of worth Rs. 700 – Rs 800 crore. Adding on, Insta Health was also sold to Practo for worth Rs $12 million. 

Samir Kumar, Managing Director of Inventus Capital Partners shared his view regarding the capital investments stating that he believes a constant flow of profit exists can be a point of discussion and beneficial to witness smooth functioning VC ecosystem as it allows capital to flow back into newer startups.  

In the month of October of the previous year, Inventus registered its third Rs. 369 funds. It is being led by its local team, which comprises of highly skilled personalities of the industry.

The minimum investment of Inventus is around 5 crore to 15 crores and reserve over 1.5X as a starting investment poll. The company picks up the effective portfolio companies for their follow-on funding rounds.  

The buzz has created a lot of attraction and is definitely aims to improve over the years.