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Kim Kardashian Thanks the Supreme Court for Ordering Gutierrez’s Execution an Hour before the Schedule


  • Kim Kardashian thanked the Supreme Court and celebrated the decision in a social media post
  • The murderer of a 85-years old lady, Ruben Gutierrez, was sentenced to death
  • Kim and other activists claim that he was convicted wrongfully, and they want a DNA test

Kim Kardashian and Ruben Gutierrez’s Execution

On Tuesday, the reality star Kim Kardashian thanked the Supreme Court because the court granted the execution of the murderer named Ruben Gutierrez an hour before the schedule. Ruben Gutierrez was accused of the murder of an old woman in the year of 1998. The age of the woman was around 85 years.

Kim Kardashian thanked the Supreme Court of the US and wrote that the case of Ruben Gutierrez would return to the lower courts to make decisions of the issues with the murder case.

Interestingly, Though Gutierrez is accused of the murder, Kim and some activists demand that there is something wrong, and he mightn’t be the murderer.

What Does the Wife of Gutierrez Say?

The court set the time of his execution at 6 PM in Huntsville and granted him absolution for an hour before his execution. Nicie, the wife of Gutierrez, wrote that she loved her husband, and only God knew what he had in the store for them. They would get through that. She also wrote that people should fight to save Ruben. Lastly, she told the court to test the DNA.

Gutierrez’s supporters have been asking the authorities to test the DNA from the victim’s body.

Kim Kardashian tweeted that there was still sufficient time for the @GovAbbott to stop the execution of Gutierrez. They must get the DNA from the body and ran a review before he could be executed.

The prosecutors said that he was trying to take away more than $600,000. Harrison hid the money somewhere in her home when Gutierrez killed her. But, the attorneys said that there wasn’t any physical and forensic evidence that would prove him as a murderer.