Many games are featuring homelessness and often suffering the sympathetic dismissal as those on the streets. Several other games are focusing to underpin the hopelessness, ruthlessness, unpleasantness throughout their cities. 

Imagine you are passing through any of the random city and you get in a conversation with rough sleepers asking for tents or change. More specifically, the tragedy is often ignored on the government side and individual both. 


In the year 2016, Mankind Divided allows players to take a tour to Prague with beggars. There emphasizes the state of the world and highlights Augs. Like NPCs wandering around Prague with some small bits of dialogue. If you urge to interact with them and other highlights the political climate. Players usually don’t offer any change or reply to them. 

The inanimated billboards showcases the city’s darker story. The first game in the Metro series had homeless metro dwellers. This lives in non-homeless apartments of the metro. With some additional homeless, these games allow gamers to get bullets. Most of cases emphasize and robs any character. They are a seemingly and uncritical, and unaware reflection of society grand view. 

Jean Luca Cano, Director of Life is Strange 2 states that they have been looking forward to begin the player experience what is like to live on the streets and like to be homeless. Life is Strange 2 is focusing on to shift toward standard approach. The game estimates to release in the month of December. The players are playing the role of Sean who is a young homeless man and has a sibling. They look forward to make their way and survive on the streets of United States. This journey challenges the player with other ordeals that rough sleeper encounters.

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Cano believes that real life we often see homeless people asking for changes or tents. There are many people who are lacking money and no one even notices them. We want to be as accurate as everyone judge them with negative approaches.

While playing the game, the brother encounters people of the society who treat them less human. 

The team of Life is Strange 2 is looking forward to bringing the game into the limelight. The research team is taking effort on putting effective voices of the characters. It forces the player to search for homelessness as a wrestler.

This game is almost a struggle to survive to hardly care for anyone in life. The Two Soul is the best mainstream example of games. It tackles homelessness besides Life is Strange 2.

There are many games that have homeless window dressings. Homeless is considerably common problem in the world. Minus to any evil secret societies ruling from the shadows. Homelessness is a tragic product of the society we usually give ignorance to. Video games is a tool which help and let aware the vulnerable in society. 

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