When most people think of the Antarctic Anomalies, they think of legends of secret World War II bases, Admiral Byrd’s supposed trip into the Hollow Earth, or ancient alien pyramids hidden below the ice. But what those theories don’t account for, say a new book series, is a vast prehistoric sea-faring civilization which once spanned the globe, called Quatria.

The Lost Books of Quatria, by Canadian blockchain-based publisher, Lost Books, is one of the first comprehensive efforts in modern times to recompile the myths and legends of this ancient forgotten crypto-civilization, the mere existence of which was supposedly suppressed by later conquerors and successors. According to the publisher, the books were inspired in part by the little-known writings of one Edward Allen Oxford, a WWI merchant marine who claimed to have been marooned for two years on a tropical island following a U-boat attack off the coast of Antarctica, and who was later declared mentally deranged by authorities.

Conspiracy theorists on YouTube, Quora, Reddit, and other online forums have long debated the existence of Quatria, and have identified what they say are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites of crypto-archaeological significance which support their theories. Some of these videos have attracted hundreds of thousands of views, but all are officially unconfirmed.

The first volume of this incredible series from Lost Books is entitled “The Lost Direction,” and is available now on Bookchain, Gumroad, Lulu, Amazon, and other major book sellers.