Marketing automation is the service that deals with the management of marketing processes and several marketing campaigns across many different channels. Through online marketing campaigns on social media and sales activity, entrepreneurs use marketing automation to increase efficiency and boost sales. There are many automation tools available for consumer businesses today. The most crucial aspect of creating personalized automation software is that it should align with your sales goals. In this article, we’ll share some of the best ways to install and upgrade some marketing automation for an enterprise consumer business. Rest assured, these are to produce fruitful results if done in the right direction.

Marketing automation varies from company to company, depending upon their target audience, budget, and several other factors. We will be providing you with detailed marketing automation, specifically for enterprise consumer business. We will first tell you what a marketing automation software should have, and then discuss some examples of marketing automation for enterprise consumer business later on.

Lead management: this involves giving your customer or your website viewer some perks if he provides his personal contact information such as email. It helps a company to build their mailing list. Hence, the company can then share its offers, discounts, content, and other items to a broad audience. There are several perks a company can offer, including free ebook downloads, free subscription to some paid content, templates, and cheat sheets. One of the most popular forms of perk is offering free ebook downloads. Now you could be wondering, what are ebooks, and how can you incorporate them into your business? Well, ebooks are electronic books providing the user with critical information about any subject matter. They vary in size and could often get paid, but if you offer them for free on your website, you may attract a broader audience.

We believe that there are many ebook creation software in the market. The primary reason to choose such software is its cost-effectiveness. It saves your writing time as you do not have to write everything from scratch. In addition to all of those advantages discussed earlier, you also keep up to $500 in template designs. You may incur some initial costs but boosted sales will eventually return all of that. We believe that any marketing automation software should have a lead manager for many reasons. It helps you identify prospects and capture new leads, and also enables you to track their specific movement along the sales cycle, monitoring, and tracking of potential buyers. Moreover, it can also offer personalized sales and content-related outreach.

  1. Email and social media services: in today’s technologically advanced world, it is imperative to have an automation software that covers these two areas. It should be able to create personalized emails automatically so that the consumer gets more satisfied and impressed. It should also be able to schedule specific messages and groups and also be able to track and analyze customer behavior in terms of clicks, views, and more. Moreover, it should also keep track of mentions through social listening and be able to build targeted advertisements.
  2. Integration: marketing teams often have to deal with large data sets that can be overwhelming. Marketing automation should be well-equipped with narrowing and transfer of data to tackle this very issue. It enables to provide marketing-qualified leads directly to the sales team to boost sales and growth. To give the operations team constructive feedback regarding product quality and what customers have generally said about it. Organizations’ ability to collaborate will be improved if the automation software can extract data from existing tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and many more. It helps streamline the process even more and requires minimal staff training, cutting down costs for your business.
  3. Analysis and improvement: the essential feature of every marketing tool is extracting data and helping businesses to make informed decisions about it. Hence, customized reporting for stakeholders should also get done. Companies should recognize and measure their performance to facilitate campaigns. It assists you to depend on data-driven decisions instead of just random ones.
  4. Security: all types of data, be it customer information or corporate data, requires some form of protection from malicious access. Many marketing software is cloud-based, which means that they provide easy access to your staff. It would help if you asked the following questions to your marketing automation software seller. Is data encryption being done? If yes, then how? Are there some authentication processes such as multi-factor or two-factor authentication? And finally, is there a possibility of role-based access? According to the answers to these questions, which we hope should be positive, you should decide on a marketing automation software.

Now we have established that what a marketing automation software should necessarily have, we will move on to provide you with some examples. The following are some marketing automation that we believe is the best for a consumer business, and we shall explain how.

  1. ActiveCampaign: the reason this marketing automation software is popular amongst enterprises is due to its diversity. It is because it started as eight different solutions but then amalgamated into one. ActiveCampaign provides sales automation, email marketing, and marketing automation. ActiveCampaign’s marketing tools provide “control” to the marketer. Through segmentation, users have access to precise marketing options and behavior tracking that is detailed to the core. If you happen to be a company that operates at an immense scale, let’s say a multinational company, individuality is super important to you. While it may seem daunting to focus on individuals and cross-sections within leads, it is considered extremely valuable to your company’s success. Hence, with automation, you can do that as well. Well, technically not you, ActiveCampaign does it for you. To flourish, you have a controlled environment with boundaries set right in front of you!
  1. Adobe: one of the essential advantages of Adobe includes personalized emails. In a large business, it should be about consumers. You can make your consumers feel valuable by sending customized emails, and Adobe does that for you. Tools regarding management are super necessary for an enterprise tool, and Adobe provides them to you. They have this unique data management section that helps you to build detailed audience profiles. It, in turn, helps you identify valuable segments and use them in future marketing campaigns. Moreover, you can also manage marketing on many different channels through one main page, using Adobe. It also automatically collaborates with all data sources to build a broader view of the target audience.
  2. HubSpot: this is automation software that mostly deals with “integration,” as we mentioned above. They offer free CRM and marketing options, and this is one of the reasons why they are so famous in the industry. The fact that they help save businesses enormous costs is commendable enough. They also have a paid “premium section” within which they offer large volumes of storage for leads. You can view the complete details of all of the offerings of HubSpot regarding integration in their library.
  3. Marketo: our favorite thing about Marketo is that it operates flawlessly with any business, no matter the size. So if you are someone that is starting up a new business or you are someone that already holds a well-established company, you don’t need to worry. Marketo is for both of you, providing quality services in every aspect. It allows marketers to connect with leads uniquely. This way is feasible for everyone, and you should use and know more about it. It also gives you the option to schedule your Campaign accordingly in just a single calendar. Key performance indicators, which are business objectives to reach a particular target, are also evaluated by Marketo.

It tells you your progress in reaching your performance indicators so that you may implement any changes. Moreover, if you happen to be a company with a large workforce, you may want to train someone to be the “automation team leader.” This way, you have some direct human interaction along with all of the Artificial Intelligence software that you are using. It is better to seek an expert on hand that can directly communicate with you regarding any issues. Marketo also offers a training program for individuals interested in it. Other services include account-based automation and other marketing services, too, including but not limited to, content creation.

The Final Words

We believe that you should be aware of what it should contain before you select the best automation software for your business enterprise. We have outlined some crucial details that automation software should have. While these are mandatory, you can also look for other personalized information that you may want to include. Moreover, you should select software depending upon the size and goals of your business. If you are one that is starting up a new business, you may want to spend less on automation since you don’t have large sets of data instantly. Conversely, if you are a well-established company, you might want to do the complete opposite, given the facts. Good luck!