The Navajo Nation order

The Navajo Nation has imposed 57 hours curfew over the entire holiday weekend to fight the transmission of the coronavirus among 250,000 members. Worldwide, the virus has taken away more than 60 million lives.

According to the President of Navajo Nation, Jonathan Nez, and Vice President, Myron Lizer, among the members of Navajo Nation, there were approximately 698 confirmed cases of COVID-19 till Saturday. In addition to this, there were 24 deaths among the members living in Arizona, Utah, and in New Mexico.

On Thursday, Nez declared, after coming in contact with a COVID-19 infected person, both President and Vice President are in self-quarantined. He said that you might be young and had good health, but that virus can affect anybody, which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Curfew in point to point

A public health order has banned the members of Navajo Nation from going outside their homes unless it is an emergency. The weekend order from them, along with the curfew in together, has made it compulsory for the members to stay at their homes. But, the members who need to go to their work should carry the official identification with the contact information of the employer for verification for travelling.

The law enforcement officials can issue fines or citations – $1000 or 30 days in jail to any people who abuse the order to stay at homes. The law can also be implied even the members are not from the nation.

There will be no visitors

Visitors and tourists from outside of Navajo Nation are strictly restricted unless they are delivering commodities. Both Nez and Lizer, on 3rd April, signed a law on travel restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus. A police officer also gives trucker information about the curfew of the nation. Lizer said that it was no offence to the visitors or tourist; they just simply wanted to prevent the spread and to ensure the protection of the people.