Stumbling upon various consultancy services is not uncommon in today’s day and age. But all of those are directed towards large organizations seeking consultancy services to optimize their businesses. However, there has never been a consultancy firm that is dedicated to helping individuals maximize their potential, and make better decisions. New Globe Utopia, a Boston-based consultancy firm is the first company to provide people-focused consultancy services with an aim to help people achieve their individual goals by optimizing their potential. 

About New Globe Utopia

New Globe Utopia was founded in 2017 by Alexander Ngu. Over the last three years, it has become a pioneer in the human potential capital management industry. What differentiates New Globe Utopia from other management and consulting firms is that their focus is on people. Historically, consultancy firms are known to provide services to large organizations. However, New Globe Utopia provides mathematical tools and other technology-powered consultancy services to help individuals make informed decisions and realize their maximum potential.

How is New Globe Utopia Optimizing Human Potential?

Human capital is probably the most precious asset one can have, and its proper utilization is extremely crucial for personal growth. It involves taking strategic and tactical decisions to optimize one’s productivity and value. To put it simply, effective human capital potential management is the defining factor for achieving success. 

New Globe Utopia is a people-focused consulting firm that comprises a team of creative minds and uses cutting edge technologies like AI and machine learning to help its clients make smart management decisions. 

‘At New Globe Utopia, our sole aim is to prioritize people and their goals. We believe in applying scientific methods to ensure the effective management of human potential.’ –  Founder and CEO, Alexander Ngu. 

The company has delved deeper into the applications of artificial intelligence and has successfully developed a mathematical consciousness model. It also provides advanced mathematical tools to its clients to help them adopt a data-driven approach and make better decisions in various aspects. 

The optimized use of human potential is the only way to attain long-term growth. New Globe Utopia’s tech-powered and people focussed consultancy services have helped a number of individuals to make smarter decisions and churn the maximum productivity out of themselves. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have endless capabilities of optimizing human potential, and New Globe Utopia’s initiative in adopting these technologies as a part of its consultancy service has opened up further avenues. 

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