Nifty Games

Nifty Games is focusing on modifying the gaming strategies on mobile of the national sports leagues, which is making a partnership with the associations such as NBA and NFL to release licensed titles officially that the startup expects can take better benefits of those mobile gaming trends.

On Wednesday, the Bay Area games publisher declared that recently they had shut down a $12 million Series A round of raising funds that are led by the March Capital Partners. Defy Partners, Vulcan Capital, aXiomatic Gaming, Courtside Ventures, Transcend Fund, OneTeam Ventures, and Century Games took part in this round, which Nifty Games has told us to shut down earlier this year. In late 2018, Nifty Games shut down a $3 million seed deal.

Pete Wanat and Job Middle, the Co-founders, have been in the gaming industry from the 90s, and they have depended on the deep Rolodexes to make partnerships for the following set of titles of Nifty Game.

The Team and the Game

The team declared they were working with NFL as well as an undisclosed game development association to release a head-to-head football game with a title “NFL Clash”, which is established to introduce later 2020. Nifty, in February, declared they had made a partnership with the NBA to publish a head-to-head mobile title 2020 too.

The national leagues have banked its long-term gaming partnerships historically with some mega publishers such as 2K and EA to keep them updated throughout the gaming platform, but officially approved mobile titles have seemed large to repeat the entire simulation titles that are held the standard for more than 20 years.

In the past, the mobile gaming industry learnt a little about the networked play as well as mobile monetization. Nifty Games is expecting that it is possible to guide those partnerships into the titles, which can propose the fans to have a variety of official experiences.