Putlocker Daily Revenue Exposed – Approximately $1,331 per day

Putlocker was one of the best websites for movie lovers since it provided free movies and TV shows. The daily revenue of this website is around $1331.
Putlocker Daily Revenue

Putlocker Daily Revenue Exposed

Highlights – Putlocker Daily Revenue

  • The UK High Court ordered the ISPs to block putlocker
  • worthofweb.com revealed putlocker daily revenue

Putlocker was an excellent website to enjoy free movies or TV shows. Cinephile used to love this website a lot. However, because of piracy and some copyright issues, the High Court ordered the ISPs to ban Putlocker in 2016. After that, the website revealed its annual and daily revenue, which is really impressive.

What is Putlocker

Putlocker is a free online streaming site where movie lovers can watch and enjoy their favorite movies. It is a piracy website that hosts movie content. Because of this, Pulocker is not a legal site. One can find TV shows, movies, and web series for streaming purposes. The site operates under different URLs as well as domain addresses. The website first originated in the UK during 2011, but later on, people in different countries started enjoying the site.

According to alexa.com, Putlocker received the global ranking of 15,763. Previously, the ranking was 15,607. According to the report, every visitor spends around 2:20 minutes on this website.

Why Was Putlocker Banned?

This free online streaming site got banned from the High Court of the UK in late 2016. Before the incident, Putlocker got its place at the “best free online streaming site”.

The UK High Court mentions, “Piracy is cybercrime, and it affects the entertainment industry globally. Websites commit this crime when they upload the content for downloading or streaming illegally. The websites do this without having permission from the original copyright holders. In the online world, there are numerous websites that are illegal websites”.

Putlocker, a free online streaming site, faced many criminal charges for years. In 2016, the Motion Pictures Association of America revealed Putlocker to the US representative as a major threat to piracy. Also, the Belgium Entertainment Association had terminated this website because of its expanding popularity for uploading illegal as well as pirated content.

What Is the Estimated Putlocker Daily Revenue?

worthofweb.com is a website, and it provides a total worth of other sites. It also gives sufficient information about other controlling factors, which can affect any website’s net worth. According to the report provided by the site worthofweb.com, this Putlocker website is worth approximately $2,183,200. The website also estimated that Putlocker daily revenue is $1,331.

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