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Putlockers: Top 10 Putlocker Alternative To Satisfy Your Movie Rush

We have all been movie buffs at some point in our lives, haven’t we? Having said that, downloading movies or web series for a weekend binge was a daunting task until about a decade ago. Putlockers made it pretty convenient for us to access free online movie streaming. The advent of online movie streaming sites has made the job slightly easier, but most of these sites offer paid services. 

Fortunately, there are a few sites like Putlockers, that offer free online movie streaming services. After being launched in 2012, Putlockers became a sensation overnight with millions of visitors, looking to download movies for free. There was a time when Putlockers used to attract almost 8 lakh visitors per day. 

Over a period of time, due to various social security issues and the intervention of the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit, many internet service providers blocked access to Putlockers, and its popularity started to plummet.

As of today, here are a few statistics about Putlockers

  • Worldwide rank: 199,664
  • Total visits in February 2020: 148.66K
  • Direct search percentage: 61.62%
  • Bounce Rate: 19.54% (which is considered to be fairly bad for such a popular website)

In this article, we will help you go around the constraints of using Putlockers, and suggest to you the Top 10 Putlocker alternative to download movies for free. 

We will also help you through the process of watching movies online anonymously by using VPN services. Let’s start off with that. 

Most of the free online movie streaming sites do not meet certain regulatory guidelines. Hence, a normal general internet service provider will not grant you access to such sites.

In such scenarios, VPN comes in really handy. It allows you access to such websites in an anonymous manner. Let’s dive deeper. 

What is a VPN?


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It basically shields your actual IP address and puts you through a tunnel connection, thus linking you to a particular website in an anonymous manner.

To put it simply, a VPN replaces your original IP address with a private IP address, which no one except the VPN provider can track. More interestingly, using a VPN, you can manipulate your location as well. For example, while sitting on your computer in Mumbai, India, you can appear to be streaming from New York.

In this context, using a VPN can be really handy, if you are looking to access online movie streaming sites that are otherwise blocked or illegally live on the Internet. 

Top 5 Putlocker Alternative

  • 123Movies


123Movies is one of the biggest entertainment hubs online. It is a very convenient free online movie streaming sites, with thousands of movies and web series to choose from. Apart from hosting the latest movies, it also provides a very convenient user interface. You can as well stream without signing up.

Most strikingly, 123movies has a great recommendation engine, which pops up movies and shows on your feed as per your viewing history and interest. All in all, this platform is a safe and convenient option for you to enjoy your favorite movies. 

These staggering statistics are a testimony to the popularity of 123Movies: 

  • Global Rank: 4990
  • Total Visits: 12.23 Million
  • Direct search percentage: 81.92%
  • Safe to say, that 123 movies is one of the best alternative of Putlockers out there
  • SolarMovie


This free online movie streaming site is nothing less than an organized repository of the best movies and TV shows. As soon as you enter the site, it shows your choices as per trending, most viewed, recently added, ratings, etc. 

SolarMovie features movies and shows from all genres, countries, regions, etc. Every movie on the platform is beautifully presented with its genre, IMDB rating, cast, description, etc. 

Hence, SolarMovie features 3rd on our list of ‘Top 10 Putlocker Alternative’. 


  • Global Rank: 55739
  • Total Visits: 720.05K
  • Direct Search Percentage: 94.57% 
  • Primewire


Despite having a ‘not-so-attractive’ layout, Primewire consists of a huge library of movies and shows from all genres and languages. You can stream these in three qualities – low, medium, or high. Thanks to this feature, you can also stream on weak internet connectivity.

To sum it up, Primewire has all the goods to satisfy a movie buff with its treasure of movies. No wonder, it is one of the best alternative of current Putlockers.

Here are some big figures of Primewire: 

  • Global Rank: 128319
  • Total Visits: 292.29
  • Direct Search Percentage: 92.39%
  • Popcornflix


If you are looking to binge through the weekend and unsure about your choices, then Popcornflix is the platform to hop upon. With a huge index of movies and TV shows, the site has everything categorized with convenient options – everything ranging from action and comedy to science fiction and romance.

Moreover, movies and shows are also available in many languages. Popcornflix is emerging as one of the most popular free online movie streaming sites. Head straight there to cater to your movie pleasures.  

Here are a few statistics about Popcornflix. 

  • Global Rank: 290,489
  • Total visits: 104.73K
  • Direct search percentage: 95.47% 
  • Megashare


Megashare is one of the very few free online movie streaming sites with an extremely simple user interface. Apart from being convenient, it also has a huge directory of movies and shows. So much so, that you would hardly need to surf any other site. Additionally, it also provides subtitle feature for you to watch movies in any language with ease. 

  • Global Rank: 112,953
  • Total visits: 336.50K
  • Direct search percentage: 95.64%
  • Popcorn Time


It is fair to mention that Popcorn Time is right up there with any other free movie streaming site online. Popcorn Time has a wide range of content (movies and TV shows) categorically organized into easily recognizable sections like Recently Added, Upcoming etc. This free online streaming website also offers the ‘Watch Later’ functionality.

On top of these, a user friendly interface and easy navigation makes Popcorn Time one of the most sought after Putlocker Alternative.

  • Global Rank: 202072
  • Total visits: 258.84K
  • Direct search percentage: 54.54%
  • FMovies


Owing to its high popularity and huge content base, FMovies is an easy fit into our list of Top 10 Putlocker Alternative. It has a very appealing user interface clubbed with a wide range of movies and TV shows from across the world.

No wonder, FMovies is streamed by movie enthusiasts globally. However, you might come across a few ads here and there while streaming on this free online movie streaming site. 

  • GoMovies


This free movie streaming site does not have anything exclusive to offer which the other sites do not. However, its sheer content base and sleek user interface glides it through to our list of Top 10 Putlocker Alternative.

It broadcasts all popular movies and TV shows before television. The best part is, you do not have to register on the site in order to stream. You can search for your desired movie/show and start watching on the go. 

Current web stats of Gomovies :

  • Global Rank: 46322
  • Total visits: 877.22K
  • Direct search percentage: 45.97%
  • CMovies


We saved the best for the last! CMovies concludes our list of Top 10 Putlocker Alternative. It drives an immense amount of traffic, thanks to its sorted movie and TV show repository. Whether you are looking for action, thriller, comedy or romance, you have it all.

Futhermore, CMovies also categorizes content based on Top IMDb, featured series etc. Additionally, the site is equipped with a recommendation engine which shows you relevant content on the platform as per your search and view history. 

Statistics of CMovies:

  • Global Rank: 10122
  • Total visits: 5.41M
  • Direct search percentage: 81.89%

Legal Alternative of Online Movie Streaming

  • Vimeo


Being one of the most versatile online movie platforms for both users and creators, Vimeo is an easy fit into our list of ‘Top 10 Putlocker Alternative’. Moreover, it provides high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming in both HD and 4K. The paid version of Vimeo removes advertisements and offers a seamless streaming experience. 

Vimeo is also extremely user-friendly, as it allows users to stream movies and TV shows with a single click. The platform has extremely fast and robust servers that enable lightning-quick streaming and downloading. 

Here are the numbers to justify Vimeo’s top-notch offerings: 

  • Global Rank: 380
  • Total Visits: 88.63 Million
  • Direct Search Percentage: 43.31%

Likewise, there are other legal alternatives for online streaming some of them are paid to access their prime or VIP features. Here are some platforms like Youtube, Vevo, Daily Motion, Vine, etc. These online platform allows  video  videos and have billions of videos on news, entertainment, music, etc

Now that you have an idea about the best online movie streaming sites, treat yourself with the best digital content without any inconvenience.