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Rainierland-How to use it and its Alternatives

In a scout for updating your movie directory, So we cinephile had found an alternative option Rainierland movie which is free from subscription-based money sucker streaming platform.

Downloading movies or web series and binge-watching them was kind of hellish a few years ago, but nowadays with high-speed internet and some substantial platforms such as the official Rainierland movie website made movie watching effortless.

There is no doubt that it is one of the best online streaming platforms, Rainierland is the website that fetches out live TV shows to movies and what else! 

The plus point of using Rainierland is that it is completely free to use, it requires no subscription or it doesn’t charge any bucks for you to either watch or to download. 

The interface is so easy to use which makes it easier to use as well. Simply hover over any favorite genre and you are good to go.

It has a rich quality of movies. Rainierland’s official website has all kinds of genre movies ranging from horror, Romance, Biography, dark-comedy, Sitcom, drama, and many more.

Rainierland movies have content from all around the globe. 

Isn’t that interesting enough a website that has movies from Hollywood to Bollywood, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, and many more too.

The content on this website is continuously refreshed, so it’s safe to say that Rainierland has some latest movie collections. 

We are going to help you through each and every step for being safe and stream anonymously through this website.

Providing you the list of Best VPN out of millions out there in the market also we are going to share 10 other online movie streaming platforms that would help your movie directory to fill up on a constant basis.

There is a disclaimer too! Rainierland’s official website doesn’t host any movies or saves any information to its own servers.

Instead, it just grabs and releases the movies from various content servers, so Rainierland isn’t responsible for any kind of deletion of your favorite movie.

What if Rainierland is down?

All of the online and internet services seem to work on a daily basis, So once in a while, the server of the website might be under maintenance, or sometimes government blocks such an address to protect its customer from using piracy content, but these can be bypassed too.

And the way to bypass it and use it seamlessly is by using a good VPN or alternatives of Rainierland.

Is Rainierland Website Legal & Safe to Use?


This is a crucial question. After all, Rainierland is only a streaming movie website so it won’t harm your computer and it would be legal right?

Wrong, sadly Rainierland is a Digital content piracy website, So things like trademark infringement, copyright issues, and false advertising are most likely to occur in Rainierland.

By using some precautions it’s totally safe to use. Just like not downloading any kind of Script build file or just by ignoring the pop-ups Rainierland is safe to use. 

Why is Rainierland Free?

Rainerland - free
Rainerland – free

You being a user might be wondering why is Rainierland’s Official website providing movies and other content pieces of content at free of cost, so basically Rainierland is a website which doesn’t store the movies and other content such as Web series, TV series and many more in its own server but rather it uses a third-party system to publish these content. 


What Language movies will be available in RainierLand?

Rainierland official’s website contains mostly Hollywood movies and web series and most of the content is available in English, the content which is exclusive and trendy are all available in Rainierland.

Rainierland website also contains movies and Web series with subtitles that might help people from various parts of the globe.


Why Rainierland is the best movie platform?

Rainierland’s Official website is one of the best movie platforms to use it as the UI experience by the users is invincible, the amount of content available in Rainierland is ceaseless, and the features available in the website is finest than any other platform available out there.


How to unblock Rainierland and use it with a good VPN service.


VPN is a virtual private network that helps to bypass blocked sites, seamlessly and also helps you to hide your location’s actual IP address and uses a virtual IP address. 

VPNs are most likely used by individuals who want to access blocked websites in their country or region by the internet service provider.

Buying a Paid VPN would help you to bypass most of the blocked websites around the world anonymously.

There are many VPN out there but these three are the best among them all:- 

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1)Norton VPN


Also a popular antivirus software, Norton is one of the most effective VPN, Norton provides high-quality services. 


Norton allows you to browse most of the blocked websites present out there. Norton Secure VPN can access 30 countries and there are apps for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

Norton VPN is a great choice if you use a lot of public WiFi as it uses high-grade encryption to keep all your data safe. 


2)Pure VPN

pure vpn
pure vpn

One of the oldest VPN, Pure VPN is a Honk-Kong based VPN firm since 2007.

One of the greatest servers which serve across 140+ countries.

This substantial VPN service is available almost on all the OS ranging from Windows to Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and many more.


3)Strong VPN

Strong vpn
Strong vpn

The company was formed in 1994. Strong VPN can be said to be one of the oldest VPN among them all. This VPN provides strong high-quality VPN connections. 

This VPN has a bunch of security features from Top-notch encryption to a kill switch and several more all packed nicely and arranged.  


Ad Blocker


Adblocker or Ad Filtering Softwares are kinds of software that assist you to keep away from the terrible pop-ups and kind of advertisements that contain hidden scripts.

Adblocker are one of the best ways to save yourself from any kind of advertisements such as flash animation and many more which tends to appear during surfing of this website.

 This Adblockers are most popular when are used and enabled as a browser extension tool. 

There are many Adblocker tools available that can be downloaded and used as an extension. AdBlocker also tends to refine the user experience.

Best Alternatives to Rainierland- Full Analysis (June 2020)




The online sensation and one of the most popular sites for streaming movies and downloading them have been first developed in the United Kingdom. This website undoubtedly has some rich variety of content.

Recently as it’s ranking and video quality dwindled, but still the Downloading speed has been a bit escalated.

Putlocker’s domain address has been altered many times in history. The website movie library also features a wide variety of movies of various genres. Putlocker is also recorded among 250 most visited websites worldwide.


2)Yes! Movies


Yes! Movies are visited by millions of people on a daily basis. Yes! Movies is an illegal digital content piracy website that has a variety of movies of plenty of genres from anime, sitcom, family, romance, horror, and many more. 

Yes! Movies have an intuitive UI just like Rainierland movies have. So Yes! Movies can be a good alternative to Rainierland.

Yes! Movies also have their own Android APK and the site can be installed from a mobile device. The only drawback is a lot of on-click ads. 

Yes! Movies have been blocked in many parts of India as well as many other parts of the world too.

Yes! Movies had made a downfall in its Alexa ranking from 53,083 to 73,044.




Fmovies had made its domain changed several times Fmovies is a digital content piracy website as all other platforms but Fmovies doesn’t require a sign up to stream and binge-watch movies. 

Moreover, users can experience a variety of movies of all kinds of genres.

It also has a rating feature that makes it unique among all others and all the content is not HD quality but has a reasonable quality that you would love to watch.

As you tap on any movie a link pop up occurs and these are the classic way to download malware. So as soon these pop up occurs just close it and tap the movie again and now you are good to watch.




MoviezWap has a humongous movie library If you haven’t found any movie in the above three MoviezWap has it. 

MoviezWap has its database in such a unique manner that searching movies with the help of actors’ names is possible in MoviezWAP. The A-Z listing feature makes it more user friendly.




This website is absolutely free to use. it means consuming any content here is free to use. A 30 genre vast category makes it unique among all. 

The company is registered in the Philippines. The only demerit present on his website would be that it contains many ads on this page that can be ignored too.

The site doesn’t store any movies in its server but it tends to go through a third party.


6)Los Movies

Los Movies one of the most popular movies streaming platforms just like Rainierland. It has a large variety of movie lists which would make you tense to what to choose.

The effortless interface or so-called the UI of the Rainierland is one of the most user friendly you will discover on any other platform. 

The sorting technique or the feature available makes it more facile to use and surf through the website.




SnagFilms is such an impressive website like Rainierland.This movie website that makes it unique and makes its position on the list is due to the quality of movies. 

Most of the movies on the website are either 720P or 1080P. Just like Rainierland, the search option on this website makes it a bit more UI friendly. 




FilmClub has a great feature that makes it distinctive than other movie streaming websites is that when you click on any movie you have an option to watch trailers or movies.

FilmClub has a very large movie library as Rainierland with a blend of Innovative UI and modern, sleek design. The only drawback is ads, the ads with an adfly extension make it more time to close.




This website provides documentaries and TV programs. This website ensures that you would never be out of content.

The partnership with Screen Media makes it more organized and handy to use. 

But the reason that it makes it in this list is that it doesn’t contain any ads which make it more isolated and practical to use. 


10)Look Movie

Look movies
Look movies

Look movies have a very large and vibrant database, The website contains a description of each and every movie which makes users go through the description and then watch the movie.

The sort feature of this website according to the IMDB rating makes it unique in the list.

The only cons due to which it makes the bottom of this list are that it contains a lot of ads and the other is that the library isn’t frequently updated.


These two alternative options provided one is VPN the three VPN’s provided above are the best VPN available in the market, these VPN’s would keep your browsing safe and would help you to be anonymous by hiding your IP during surfing Rainierland or any other movie streaming website.

The other option that was provided was using the alternatives of Rainierland such as Putlockers and many others that are provided in the list above. 

So put some Popcorn in the microwave and get comfortable and be safe and enjoy movies with Rainierland.