There’s a famous saying “ be a believer to be an achiever.” Unfortunately, you may be sitting in a room full of people with big dreams, but not all of them have the courage, determination, and perseverance to fulfill them.

Who is Rajat Singla?

rajats-singlaAnyone’s who is looking for some inspiration, the journey of Rajat Singla is worth exploring. Born in a small town in Patiala, Punjab, Singla kickstarted his professional career by the age of 15. Today, he is a self-made entrepreneur, social media expert, and celebrity manager changing the lives of others. Do check out his Google Panel. His complete biography is featured on Medium.

He has more than millions of fans following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn collectively. He also has an IMDb presence. You can also check out his website

Singla launched his career by creating a website in 2005 by the name VIP Punjab. At that time, he was just 15! He did not stop there, he spent days and nights exploring opportunities and landed into the field of digital marketing. His success story is featured on Coverage Log, Yahoo News, Verna Magazine, ABNEWSWIRE, The India Saga, and Time Bulletin.

He was fortunate to work with top names in the industries. He managed the social media presence of various brands and individuals and helped increase their followers. Singla enjoyed success and praise as a social media manager. His success story as a powerful creative mind is featured on Medium too.

This inspired him to start his social media management and digital marketing agency called Shiraj Media Works. His work and recognition earned him various TV personalities in Hollywood and Bollywood. Using some industry best practices and well-crafted social media strategy, he helps his clients expand their fan following in the virtual space. His innovative entrepreneurship journey is stated at GlobeStats. He launched Wall Décor, selling PVC wall panels imported from China. Many buyers in India admire the quality of the products sold by Wall Décor. His marketing skills have been talked about on Data Source Hub too.

What’s the Secret behind Singla’s Success?

Many striving entrepreneurs question Singla about his secret success formula. They wonder if luck is behind all the fame and success. 

Singla says it’s hard work, the hunger to learn and become a better version of himself were the motivators of his success. You can hear it from the genius himself by reading about his article featured on Stats Globe. He does not believe in settling for less. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Singla is a humble personality. He did not shy away from sharing the strategies he employs for managing client reputation in the virtual space. Here are some pearls of wisdom from the man himself:

  • Press Releases

Rajat Singla highly believes in the power of PR activities. Through increased mention of clients in press releases and media, he has been able to boost the popularity of the brand/celebrity in question.

  • More Engagement 

Social media platforms have provided us with the golden opportunity to engage and interact with followers and develop a rapport. Rajat’s firm takes care of all activities involving brand interaction and customer engagement. A positive experience brings fruitful outcomes.

  • Content Production

Singla says it’s important to be consistent in producing new and information about the brand/ celebrity to keep the existing followers in touch with the latest happenings. These followers will spread the word and bring more leads. This circle keeps on rotating and bringing more followers.

Rajat Singla’s success does not stop here. He was even approached by a magazine for a modeling gig in 2012. The Open News says he is a social media influencer and an inspiration for all budding entrepreneurs and students who have big dreams. Who would have thought a boy from Patiala would be changing the fate of businesses. The Asian Age and Decan Chronicle say Rajat Singla is to become a Bollywood director! Dailyhunt already talks about his journey as a director.