Dubai is emerging as the most popular spot for tourists. Thousands of people visit Dubai each year. Some of them visit for work while others for pleasure and it has raised the demand for rental and leased cars in Dubai.

Renting a car is the best way to commute around in Dubai. It provides you the freedom to go to any location at your own time and that’s not the luxury you have with public transport. But the problem comes with choosing whether to hire a chauffeur while renting a vehicle or not. Tourists are quite conflicted on which way to go on this matter. 

Hiring a chauffeur will help you a lot in Dubai and saves you from a lot of trouble. Here are few reasons for you to hire a chauffeur while renting a vehicle in Dubai:

A Guide to Exploring Dubai

If you are a tourist in Dubai and have no idea which places to visit, the chauffeur is our best option. It is their daily job to take the tourists to tourist spots all around Dubai. It makes them an expert guide for Dubai City.

You can ask your chauffeur about the best tourist spots in the city. They will also assist you to find the best restaurants and shopping malls that could make your trip to Dubai even more pleasant. All professional car rental Dubai companies offer chauffeurs for the car renters if they request. 


It is a misconception that renting a vehicle without a chauffeur will be economical. That is not the case. It will indeed cost you extra to get a chauffeur, but it helps you in such ways that hiring the chauffeur will be worth it. You can get lost in the city by yourself, costing you extra fuel. The chauffeur knows about all the city’s shortcuts which help you save time. 

No Navigation Difficulties

The biggest advantage of hiring a chauffeur with your vehicle is that you do not need to worry about navigation. The chauffeur will know about all the locations. Without a chauffeur, you might take indirect routes to your destination. But with your chauffeur, you can forget about that. You just need to tell them where you want to go and then relax in the backseat of the car.

No Parking Difficulties

Finding parking at some places can prove to be quite a task. It may take a huge amount of time for you to find a suitable parking spot for your vehicle. But if you have hired a chauffeur, they can take care of that problem for you. You can leave when you get to the destination and the chauffeur will find the best parking spot for the vehicle and park it there.

You will never be late

Various parts of the city have high traffic concentration at different times. If you are a visitor, you might not know about that. Since your driver travels around the city, he knows best which routes to avoid which time of the day. The chauffeur will also know completely about the shortcuts throughout the city. So, if you want to get to a place quickly, a chauffeur is the best way to get there.

Gives you a chance to relax

Hiring a chauffeur can prove to be quite beneficial for special occasions. After a long day of exploring Dubai, you may get tired sometimes. And driving a car in such conditions would be difficult for you. The same is the case when you have had a long day attending business meetings and other work-related activities. With a chauffeur driving your car, you jump back in the backseat, listen to music, and relax while the chauffeur drives you safely.

Acquainted with all the Traffic Rules

Each place has its own set of traffic rules. If you are new to Dubai, you probably will not know about all those rules. There is a high chance of you committing a traffic violation without even knowing about it. The best way to deal with the situation is by hiring a chauffeur. They are fully aware of all the traffic rules. That is why the chances of committing a traffic violation are low.


Renting a car without a chauffeur may seem like it is an economic decision, but it is not. You will find the chauffeur helpful in so many ways that paying their fee would not be a burden for you. So, it is always a good habit to hire a chauffeur with a rental car, especially if you are new to Dubai.

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