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Robert Pattinson almost Muted after Having His Discussion on Tenet with Christopher Nolan


  • Robert Pattinson almost muted during the meeting with Christopher Nolan
  • Patinson says about a new upcoming science-fiction upcoming movie
  • Christopher ended the conversation when Pattinson asked for a chocolate
  • Neil is an important character in the movie

Robert Pattinson Meeting with Christopher Nolan

The reputed actor Robert Pattinson had a meeting with the director Christopher Nolan. They had the discussion for the new upcoming movie Tenet. Pattison said that he almost became muted during the first meeting with Christopher Nolan. It was because of the duration of their conversation. The conversation was on for several hours, and Pattison felt that his blood sugar dropped severely. However, Robert Pattinson spoke about a science-fiction action movie, which is about to arrive on the screen.

Pattinson said that he had gone to meet the director Christopher, and they had talked for three hours. Pattinson didn’t have any idea what was the purpose of the meeting, and why he had gone to meet him. He added that he had been going back through the filmography to give a try and to predict the kind of genre that he would have gone into next. Pattinson concluded by saying that after hours of talking, Christopher said that he (Christopher) had been writing a thing. Later, he asked Pattinson if he would have liked to read that.

What Did Pattinson Do?

Actor Pattinson didn’t reveal much about their discussion. However, at last, he felt the exhaustion. He said that he felt his blood sugar level was dropping, and there had been a pack of chocolates of the table. But Pattinson asked for one of those chocolates, Christopher ended the meeting. Pattinson felt like he ruined everything.

About the Film Tenet

No one knows much about the film and its characters. But Christopher provided a little detail. He said that Rob would be playing as a character named Neil. At that time, people might find it hard for the identities and characters. But, Neil would be a fantastic and important character in the movie.