Democrats are asking for more money for state and local governments and hospitals for the purpose of passing the Republican proposal for some small business loan.

On Thursday, the Senate of Washington hit a deadlock over the Republican proposal that states to add $250 million in the small business coronavirus relief funds. The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, wanted united agreement – a procedural move to pass the bill without facing the lawmakers – to confirm more funding for Paycheck Protection Program. However, the Democrats strongly objected on this issue claiming that McConnell was making a push for small-business money.

Washington Senate

In turn, the Democrats tried to accumulate more money for state and local governments and hospitals that the Republicans blocked. The proposal of McConnell also lacks proper support to surpass the Democratic-controlled House. Congress fought for several days over the $2 trillion bills that raised from the Coronavirus and lockdown issue. The bill was approved in the last quarter of March, which also included the funding for smaller businesses. Lawmakers began discussing immediately of another round of funding, and the newest legislation of McConnell was seen as an immersion for a program, which was met with greater demand immediately.

On Thursday morning, Senate McConnell requested the Democrats to support the proposal. He requested not to block the immediate help that the Democrats didn’t oppose just because they wanted something more. McConnell also said that they didn’t have to do everything at that moment.

After this objection, he said to reporters that this was the only program, which had been running out of money at that time and the program really needed aid then.

However, Democrats, on the other hand, said that McConnell failed to negotiate properly. Senator Ben Cardin said that he was afraid that the united agreement was like a political stunt, and that hadn’t been negotiated. In fact, no efforts had been made.