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Six Pubfilm New Movies Are Here for the Movie Lovers

Six Pubfilm New Movies

Pubfilm was banned because of piracy issues. But the website is back with Pubfilm new domains. You can find Pubfilm new movies on the websites. The best Pubfilm new movies include Bad boys for life, Sonic the Hedgehod, Extraction, and so on.

Pubfilm – Short Intro

Pubfilm is one of the best movie streaming websites that offer movie lovers to enjoy their favorite TV or web series and movies for free. The website uploads an enormous number of movies, and you can find any movies that you want. Pubfilm took its place at the most top movie website list among the people because the website doesn’t require any subscription or registration from the users.

Pubfilm New Movies

After getting banned, Pubfilm has returned to its lovers again with Pubfilm new domains. These domains are also known as Pubfilm alternative domains. You can visit these alternative domains. These are the Pubfilm new movies that have appeared recently –

  1. Bad Boys for Life (2020): This movie was released on 15th January this year. Both Marcus and Mike have to face new threats in their city. They join an elite team AMMO to eliminate the threat of a Miami drug dealer, Armando Armas. It is one of the best six movies in pubfilm
  2. Sonic the Hedgehod (2020): This movie was released on 12th February this year. The movie is based on the video game from Sega. Sonic the Hedgehog will be telling a story of the speediest hedgehog. Later, he has to defend the world from the evil Dr. Robotnik. It is one of the best six movies in pubfilm
  3. Frozen 2 (2019): Frozen 2 was released on 20th November 2019. Three friends, Elsa, Kristoff, and Anna, head towards the forest so that they can learn something new but the truth about their kingdom. It is one of the best six movies in pubfilm
  4. Godzilla: The King of Monsters (2019): The movie was released on 29th May 2019. The story is about the heroic efforts of the zoological agency since the members faced gigantic monsters. It is one of the best six movies in pubfilm
  5. Childs Play (2020): The movie will be released on 19th June this year and will be uploaded on Pubfilm as well. Karen, a mother, gives her son named Andy, a new toy doll as his birthday present. However, she wasn’t aware of the sinister nature of that doll. It is one of the best six movies in pubfilm
  6. Extraction (2020): Extraction was released on 24th April. A fearless black market mercenary is on a deadly extraction. He has to rescue a son of an international crime lord. It is one of the best six movies in pubfilm