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Sony Offers Rewards Up to $50,000 for Playstation Bug Bounty Programme

Sony has made its bug Bounty Programme for the old PlayStation 4 console. It has a reward system for all the developers who would find a bug in Sony’s Playstation and report it to the company.

This is the first time that the Japanese giant has made its rewards program accessible to the public.

Sony announced on Wednesday, June 24, the opening of a public rewards program, for those who find flaws in the security of PlayStation 4. This is the first time that the company gives the opportunity for anyone to participate in its rewards program.

The reward amount offered by the company varies according to the level of bug that was found. As per details mentioned on Hackerone; In the case of PlayStation 4, a critical failure is rewarded at $50,000, and a serious failure will be awarded $10,000. An average failure will have a reward of 2,500 dollars and a lighter severity corresponds to the amount of 500 dollars.

Sony is offering the maximum reward compare with the other two brands Microsoft and Nintendo, both of the companies which offer $20,000 for the bug bounty program.

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Sony made the announcement on its blog stating, “We believe that through working with the security research community we can deliver a safer place to play. We have partnered with HackerOne to help run this program, and we are inviting the security research community, gamers, and anyone else to test the security of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network”.

The Hackerone Hackerone page states.“Reward amounts will differ based on vulnerability severity, as well as the quality of the report. Sony will only award a bounty to the first researcher to have reported a previously unreported, vulnerability”,