Haus and Its Product Plan

Helena Price Hambrecht, as well as Woody Hambrecht, always had some plans for Haus to land white labelled partnerships with some local restaurants. But when coronavirus transmitted throughout the country and hurt thousands of local restaurants, the founders of Haus noticed a chance to move their product plan.
Recently, Haus declared its plans to work in together with the restaurants throughout the country and co-create local digs inspired aperitifs. The beverage of Mister Jiu, upscale Chinese restaurants in San Francisco, will mix warm black cardamom, spicy ginger, smoky lapsang tea, and floral osmanthus.
For JuneBaby, which is a southern fare restaurant, Seattle will have hints of elderflower and oranges. All the profits will go to restaurants. Haus has begun cutting a gigantic check to the restaurants from the pre-orders that it is receiving.

Startups and Their Struggling

These are the works from startups during this COVID-19 crisis –
• A phone booth for coronavirus tests – The company has rotated its resources to release a new product: coronavirus test booths for use. These booths will allow the healthcare professionals to carry on coronavirus test with proper protection. Already, it has donated the first group of this test booth to the hospitals.
• Critical deliveries for free – Onfleet is now offering its free delivery for organizations and companies that have mobilized to do community building deliveries. This startup is remarkably concentrated on critical deliveries as well as institutions, which have had to shift to delivery operations. It is working with various partners such as SF-Marin Foodbank, The NYC Dept, different farmers markets across the country.
• Code from the house – Fullstack Academy is an online coding and career development Bootcamp that is offering a Bootcamp preparatory course for free. This course will be run remotely and will cover specific JavaScript and coding concepts.
Without this, there are a lot of works that different startups are doing in this situation.