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The Bitcoin Lessons Learnt From Canadian Truckers

In the recent episode of the popular show – Fed Watch, we saw a discussion on a Canadian protest that came through the FR’s playbook man Dichter. Yes, he is the same Bitcoin lover and trucker from Canada who was involved in a peaceful demonstration this year. We got an update from it talking about the discussion in the legal status of the coin and the way it is seen coming up with the attacks seen in the future. The host then came into the show that further talked about the hike, which further gave the hawkish tone. The show also covered the discussion about the war in Russia and Wall Street topics. The show is about a podcast from people keen on the topic. The discussion seems interesting, and we can understand the way Bitcoin and others in the global money came with it. People should be able to understand the way things are happening now. You can explore more about it on sites like – BitIQ.

Canadian Trucker Debrief 

Once you got the update about the same in Canada, the very first question that came about it on the show was about the attacks made on the financial world in Canada, and it went practical as well. He soon talked about the Bank of Canada that was seen pointing regarding the percentage one can see in DGP and the way it is fed in this view. Most of these groups are ignorant about it, and the monetary system one can find in education. Also, we can see it engaged with education and the bullish method for BTC. Ditcher was seen laying the systems behind the economic attack. It was seen making over the Canadian trucker and the one who has donated in their protest. The attack came in the three different levels, and one of these is the municipal and federal levels. 

At the provincial level, we saw the attorney general going to the discussion about freezing it at a different level, including the illegal options. They were seen talking about the finances coming along with the banking system. Ditcher said that we are enough with the freezing element and specific donations, but they are seen trying to starve from society. He was seen following the question regarding Bitcoin and the space developed using the building choice. Also, we can find too many source ethos and enterprise spirit that seemed to mitigate the kinds of attacks in the coming future. So the answer in the question was seen coming in two-fold. And one is seen with the narrative regarding Bitcoin and other integration of Bitcoin and society. 

Fed Hikes Rates – The next option? 

As the central bank came up with the show, it has some important news to discuss. They first talked about the hike seen in the Fed rate. We see them coming up in the coming week and then raising the issue. Earlier this week, we saw people raising the issue of the Fed Funds Rate that came with a strange range of the first hike coming along in 2018. With the hike coming more aggressively, we can find too many hawkish languages moving with a further hike. The expert was seen talking about the rhetoric that further reduced the inflation expectations. It is also the route that went ahead with the Fed option coming up with too many policies. If people are seen coming with high inflation, they are seen with the high inflation, and then the manifestation is happening very quickly. It has come up with a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

The Wall Street & Progressive Globalist Clash 

The next topic remains too difficult to manage for some readers. We see many more sanctions are now put on the Russian bank, and they surprise people in this regard. Power was seen coming along with too many things together. It is seen putting the Swift Sanctions and consulting regarding the ban for a while. He is also seen adding the goal with some financial stability. Banks are now working smoothly and with great contagion via the entire financial system. We now see the bank exposing the debt in Europe and Asia. These sanctions will be known as a risk leading to a financial crisis at the world level.

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