Post Covid-19 Reboot: The Definitive Guide to Reopening Your Restaurant Business After COVID-19

Los Angeles, Tuesday 12th, May 2020
The US restaurant and food service industry has been one of hardest hit from the shutdown with layoffs and furloughs expected to reach 5-7million, a little shy of half the industry workforce. Even when the shelter-in-place period concludes, there can be no expectation that there will be a miraculous comeback.

As a result of the COVID-19 quarantine, it is clear that, when we do re-open for business, the next twelve months will present enormously adversarial conditions. 

Notwithstanding the pending deep recession, which is short of unavoidable, the restaurant and hospitality industry is about to experience the greatest food-based mobilization in US history, from supply chain through to street based operations. Disruption has laced through every part of the industry’s operations and the en-mass grand opening, expected in mid-May to June 2020, will test us all.

As a long term industry consultant, I felt compelled to write this book as an essential guide to help restaurants, bars, and hospitality in general, open their doors to the PC19 (Post Covid-19) era.

In this book, myself and a group of experts cover all aspects of reopening independent and chain restaurant groups, exploring the technical and human aspects of our momentous task ahead, with the singular goal of providing a comprehensive road map to navigating the next 12-18 months; in what will likely be the most volatile and challenged trading times in our lifetimes. 

The book shares best practices in opening restaurants, working with vendors, and most importantly, the human aspect of our mammoth task ahead.

The book is fully customizable for corporations or different industries.

Author, Robert Ancill said: “This book is extremely personal to me. I embarked with the mission to provide a comprehensive guide on how to open a hospitality business after the Quarantine, yet while writing and collaborating with my colleagues, I found myself looking back over my own career, my highs and lows, and the defining moments that brought me to today. I have included stories of the people I have met that made a difference, discussions about clients, and a few photos of what opening over 800 restaurants and bars across five continents looks like”.

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About The Author, Robert Ancill

Robert Ancill is the CEO of and The Next Idea Group. Widely considered an authority on emerging and future food trends, restaurant concepts, brand positioning, food service, and design. 

Based in Los Angeles, Robert has overseen the launch of over 89 new brands and 800 restaurant or café openings or remodels in over 22 countries.

In 2002, Robert founded The Next Idea, a high energy, innovative international restaurant consulting agency that simply provides – The Next Idea. The Next Idea Group, specializes in new food and restaurant concept development, interior design and architecture, re-positioning, food trend research forecasting, marketing and restaurant franchising.

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Book By: Robert Ancill
Additional writing by: Sara Rivera, Josh Merel, Andy Hobbs, Talya Raphael, Maerav Chiprut, Thelma Weaver
Editing: Thelma Weaver

Photography: Robert Ancill,
Photography Contributions: Douglas Clark
Cover & Cartoon graphics by: Randy Jennings