• The buyers of the real estate market have become more active
  • NRIs and locals are attracted to the real estate industries
  • UAE, UK, USA, and Canada are the greatest source of NRI investment in India

Covid-19 Outbreak in India

Indian people and governments have to admit that the COVID-19 outbreak in India has an intense impact on the Indian economy. Especially, the virus has severely affected the real estate business in India. Now, the potential buyers are worried about the question – Is it a better time to invest in real estate?

The Indian real estate business is very resilient historically. The lockdown began in late March, and in the last few weeks, the buyers have become quite active. In addition to this, the demand is growing continuously from the NRI clientele.

The Real Estate Industry India

The real estate industry in India is a profitable asset because of its healthier returns. Besides, the sector is now more appealing in this current situation. It has drawn the attention of both NRIs as well as locals throughout the world.

These days, thousands of international brands are looking at India. It is because of the destination for production, and at the same time, India is accelerating some vital global investments. All of these will have a great impact throughout different industries either indirectly or directly.

Who Are the Customers?

Currently, lots of brands are thinking about moving their bases to India to grab some profits. The NRI investment may increase to $13.1 billion, and over the years, this higher income can be an important factor driving the real estate market in India. Since the installment of RERA, a lot of international buyers have got the confidence to invest their cash in this country. Canada, USA, UK, and the UAE are the biggest source of this NRI investment because 42% of the entire inflow is appearing from only GCC.