The Unemployment Crisis in America – Coronavirus Pandemic


  • Unemployment Crisis in America is now in a shocking issue.
  • The unemployment rate has increased from 3.5% to 13.3%.
  • An interview from the Guardian

Unemployment Crisis in America in Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has created massive destruction on the US economy, and now there is a massive unemployment crisis in America going on. In February, US President Donald Trump mentioned that the unemployment rate across the nation is only 3.5%. However, the rate increased to 13.3%. Now, a lot of economists are having the fear that the actual figure is much higher than 13.3%.

It is really an unpleasant issue that approximately 42 million US people have demanded unemployment insurance within only four months. The figure is even more than the total population of Canada.

Trump demanded a great victory when he received the latest job reports. The Republicans, on the other hand, are pressing for this coronavirus lockdown to be eased. They are thinking that it may increase the coronavirus cases further.

Interview from the Guardian in the Unemployment Crisis in America

The Guardian took an interview with those Americans who have lost their jobs throughout the country. They went back to some of those people to observe how they were faring. For a lot of people, a normal situation seemed like a long way off.

If the US opens up the business again, then Aya Rabba should be one of those people who have successful stories. In March, she lost her part-time job at the iHop restaurant in Wisconsin. After that, she waited to receive her unemployment check, and she waited for eight weeks.

She is a college student and depends on the wages to provide the expenses. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has taken a serious toll. She said that they didn’t make money then, and despite the ruling by the court, customers were scared and her tips had dried up.