With the drastic surge in Internet speeds and wider penetration of mobile devices into the common masses, video content has become the name of the game. People are increasingly getting hooked to nicely edited videos that impart information in an efficient and time-saving manner.

Moreover, the exponential outpouring of social media platforms has glorified the use of videos as a convincing marketing tool for brands. Marketing strategies are pivoting to meet the modern needs, and including higher volumes of video distribution in their content.

This is where the need for a handy video editing software comes into the picture. If you consider the estimates of Global News Wire, the video editing software market is projected to hit a whopping figure of $932.7 Million by 2025.

The increasing demand and supply of videos – aided by penetration of smartphones – is eventually leading to a need for the best video editor for windows, iOS, Linux, and other operating systems. The luxury of being able to edit videos on your mobile/PC device without the need for prior training is opening up exciting avenues.

So the question naturally arises as to how should we evaluate the video editing genre and choose the best. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the key features that every viable editing platform should have.

#1. Integration of Social Media Platforms

A large majority of the video content is made for sharing purposes on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. And so, it only makes sense that the video editing platform meshes their services with these for quicker turnaround time.

If the platform/app could save the finished product and/or keep track of all the intermediate results, it becomes a centralized go-to hub for the end-user. And if this repository could be linked directly to all the mainstream social media platforms, it makes for a smooth hands-on experience while transitioning.

This can be a two-way street as well, where the customer should also have a choice to import media straight from their social media accounts to the editing platform. For instance, if you feel like hopping on to the youtube to mp3 converter new trend.

Basically, comprehensively linking video editing with social media is a highly sought-after feature in the modern age.

#2 Library of Video Templates with Ample Choices

The level of engagement an editing platform drives is majorly governed by the quantity and quality of the options it provides. A diverse portfolio of video templates brimming with filters, effects, backgrounds, themes, music, and more, is key to creating engaging video content.

Having access to the stock library with videos, audios, images will boost your editing prowess, and lead to a polished final video draft. So make sure you have enough options to choose from. Sometimes you might not know what you want when you start putting the video together, but a diversified set of templates will guide you through.

For people concerned with social media marketing through videos, it is very important that the platform houses themes for all possible kinds of events.

You can be a non-designer, but should still be able to fabricate a decent output when given the necessary tools. And a good editing platform will make sure to cater to the design schemes for all possible situations.

#3 Easy-to-Implement Animation Kits

With the advent of drawing tools, the animation is not limited to only specialists anymore. Every fitting video editing platform should provide the user with an option to play with his/her creativity.

The platform/app can host short tutorials on how to best utilize the services of the animation tools to make the video come alive. As a customer looking to make appealing videos online, easy-to-learn animation techniques offer that extra edge over others in the market.

It is fairly important for video editing software to merge with the animation genre. With the decreasing attention span of the new-age audience, animated characters & objects could be business-saving marketing decisions.

#4 Option to Customize Video from Scratch

If you had the choice to build your video draft from the ground up by piecing every bit together, it will creatively open more opportunities for you to explore.

You’d be able to fabricate your video piece-by-piece in terms of font, color, animation character, background music, which will give you more control over the nature of the final finished product.

Many amateur video content creators like to avoid the automatic route and take matters into their own hands. This way, they are able to learn more as well as test their creative limits.

It is very important that the editing platform ensures creative freedom, while at the same time providing a backup plan of tailor-made templates to fall back on. This approach caters to all types of time constraints and makes sure the end-user walks away satisfied with his video.

In Conclusion

It is estimated that by 2022, video traffic will cover 82% of all IP traffic, growing almost four times the present value. So it is logical to assume that if videos are the next big thing in content marketing, then that future is not just near, it is already upon us.

More and more people will continue to login to the digital space and consume high volumes of video content, be it through their mobile device or PC. Some brands have already started leveraging this medium through interactive video editing software.

As an end-user, you need to work with the best and produce the best, if you want your video to stand out in today’s ocean of digital content. Some apps/platforms might come with charming and unique features, but you need to decide if there’s a true substance for you beyond that flashy.

Stick to the platform that you are comfortable with and switch only when you meet a creative barrier. If you’re looking to draw organic traffic, create high quality, professional videos that are easy on the eye as well as easy to stitch together.

Choices may vary from person to person and company to company, depending on the needs, but some basic prerequisites have to be defined while picking an editing platform.

Author: I’m Jaylin: SEO Expert of Leelija Web Solutions. I am a content manager, and the author of freeopenbook.com and a full time blogger. Favourite things include my camera, travelling, caring my fitness, food and my fashion. Email id: editor@leelija.com