Moving of Tornadoes

The Eastern Seaboard supported the aggression of severe weather on Monday after a devastating Easter night, which saw general people grouped in their closets, tubs, and basements since the tornadoes roared throughout the Southern part leaving a minimum of 18 death case.

One day after 39 reported tornadoes massacred several states, the Weather Channel, on Monday, said that the destructive winds, possibly tornadoes and flooding were feasible. Major parts of the South portion were under the flood, and there was warning of thunderstorm and tornado as well. The Weather Channel also said that the thunderstorms could extend to Florida into some parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast via Monday evening or afternoon. The biggest concern is that the destructive wind and tornadoes can extend to central Virginia into the centre as well as eastern parts of Carolinas and southeastern part of Georgia.

Impact on the South

In Louisiana and Mississippi, the severe condition spawned on Sunday that hampered around 300 buildings and homes. More than 60,000 customers across two states didn’t have any electricity. It has been assumed that around six people died in both Georgia and Mississippi.

Along with Chattanooga, and Tennessee, there are other counties across northwest Georgia take the burden of the destruction. It has been told to WAGA-TV that two mobile home parks were damaged severely. Five people had died, and five others had been taken to the hospital. Another person was kiled when a large tree fell on the house in Carterville.

The fire department stated that in the Chattanooga area, at least 14 people died, and their rescue teams had to go and search door to door responding to over 300 calls.

In the mountainous areas, this storm has caused severe flooding and mud sliding within a night and also has knocked out the power for approximately 750,000 people in 10 state areas from Georgia to Texas up to West Virginia.