Many states across the USA have lifted lockdowns yesterday with certain restrictions in place. While “US States Re-open” gives an opportunity for small business owners to re-open their stores, it is also expected to save millions of jobs.

However, business owners assured that they will follow all guidelines to ensure that the pandemic does not come back stronger. Charlie Yin, a restaurant owner from Nebraska said, “We’re following the guidelines and we hope the government is guiding us in the right direction. I definitely think this is saving jobs.”

Important Factors of “US States Re-open”

Malls, stores, restaurants and movie theaters started operating yesterday in Texas, at a 25% capacity. Stores are practicing a 6-feer distancing norm, with hand sanitizing stations installed. 

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 Iowa, Utah, Wyoming, and Maine relaxed restrictions yesterday. Ohio is now allowing medical officers, dentists, and veterinarians to open their centers. On the other hand, Oklahoma is allowing businesses to operate with a contingency of social distancing. 

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has permitted a limited reopening of businesses from May 8th in 24 counties. He said, “We’ll need stores to use no-contact options like curbside pickup and delivery, as much as possible. This is to continue allowing workers to telework as much as possible.”

The state of Indiana on the other has allowed businesses to operate at a 50% capacity. Gov. Eric J. Holcomb said that the state will allow a social gathering of 25 people. However, he suggested the elderly, above 60 years old to keep staying at home.

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