Vehid Abdullahi (known as @vahidabdullahi on Instagram) is a 36-year-old Business Development Representative residing in the United States. He is the CEO of Payment Services LLC, which is the parent company of, which feature as ‘UAE’s Most Trusted Fintech Solution Provider, as well as He is also the CEO of – based in New York, USA. He has been successful in growing brand awareness through increased market penetration and improving new market development. He established an efficient E-commerce platform and a Payment System, which were highly effective in creating, building, and nurturing professional business relationships. Mr.Vahid graduated in 2008 from California State University, Fullerton with a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Mr.Vehid is the founder and CEO of Palladium Payment Services LLC. –, the most convenient, reliable, and secure payment provider based in the Middle East. PallaPay is a payment services provider that creates, hosts, maintains, and provides its payment services to its users via the Internet. It facilitates users to accept payments on their websites, sends payment invoices as well as send payments to any other person with a PallaPay account; it is essentially a digital wallet for its users. PallaPay has an expert team with knowledge of local and global payment processing systems, and have made their online transaction system easy to use. The system features regional payment method preferences, translation of checkout in twenty languages, and supports more than a hundred trusted payment methods.

PallaPay also lets its users make payments with whichever method they prefer, from local payments to a digital wallet. Users can pay in any currency in a quick and secure manner. The Application Program Interface has been meticulously designed to offer the users a personalized experience, with a great level of attention and care that many other payment processors lack. Users can carry out transactions with Paypal, Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Online Bank Transfer. Moreover, creating a PallaPay account is absolutely free, and there is no cost for purchasing any goods or services through PallaPay. If the user’s transaction requires a currency conversion, PallaPay uses a retail exchange rate plus a conversion service charge to carry out the transaction.