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Videos Are A Powerful Way To Show Value

The world of advertisement has changed significantly within the last 30 years. Printed media no longer reigns supreme, and neither does TV advertising. Yet, video is still incredibly important in the world of marketing. 

Some might even say it’s the most important media you can use to push your message across to potential partners, customers, or users. Join us as we discuss how video has become a crucial part of every successful marketing campaign and why you should use it in yours. 

The Evolution of Video Marketing 

Video marketing has had an exciting evolutionary path. It all started with video commercials that aired on the big screen, only to switch over to the TV where video advertisement dominated for decades. To some extent, TV video commercials are still a massive part of many Forbes 500 companies’ ad campaigns. 

However, the real evolution came with the proliferation of the internet. The video became digital, making it much more attainable for smaller businesses and individual professionals to use. Soon enough, online marketing took primacy, creating a whole new dimension of the video advertisement. 

Why Video? 

Advertising is an art form. The artist has to convince a regular person to buy a product or a service before that person’s attention jumps to something else. Text and images can be effective given the right conditions. However, neither text on still images can convey the subtleties of human interaction. 

The best salesmen work face to face, whether we’re talking about traveling salesmen or people Don Draper-esque top-tier executives. Since doing 1 on 1 advertisements on a massive scale is beyond the realm of what is practical, online marketers have turned to the next best thing — video marketing. Companies are using a video brochure, regular video ads as well as specialized video material aimed at developing brand awareness. All of these tools are invaluable components to larger advertising campaigns. 

Catering to The Evolving Market 

One of the areas where the video is impossible to beat is delivering a convincing message in a very short period of time. By using video, we are able to create short video ads that capture the most important parts of the message using the right words, but also the body language of the presenter. 

We, humans, are conditioned to look for subconscious non-verbal cues when we talk to someone. This is why communicating with a person face to face feels more genuine than chatting with them online. The same principle applies to selling a product or a service to a person. The use of body language, facial expressions, and non-verbal cues has made video marketing the preferred form of marketing these days. 

Low Cost, High Yield 

Video used to be expensive back when it required expensive, often exclusive equipment. The evolution of video technology, mainly digital video, has brought the cost of recording high resolution, high-quality video content. With everyone carrying a 4K capable camera in their pocket, recording top-tier video content isn’t as technologically demanding as it once was. 

Even though the price and availability of high-tech video equipment have changed, one thigh hasn’t — the direct results of video marketing. Conversions are still relatively high with video. If all other aspects of the ad are thoroughly covered, a video campaign has the potential to bright high-yield results. 

Custom Tailored Video Ads 

Online marketing has made the analytical side of the business much easier as a whole. No longer is it necessary to conduct lengthy and expensive real-world polls in order to gauge how to shoot a video ad so it appeals to your target demographics.

These days it’s possible to accurately target specific audiences using various tools. This alone has greatly improved the effectiveness of video ads. When your campaign has a very clear target audience profile, it is easier to produce custom-tailored ads that will appeal to said audiences. 

The Future of Video Marketing 

All things considered, video marketing is only going to grow as a marketing strategy as streaming video becomes easier and less resource-intensive. High bandwidth networks such as the 5G and 6G will make video streaming effortless and extremely cheap. Videos will soon find their way to more devices and places. 

Because of that, it’s imperative for a modern business to stay on top of video marketing as well as online marketing as a whole. Developing a marketing strategy around video is a great way to boost your company’s market share and attract new business, both in the retail world and b2b world. Create a convincing message that represents your business and what it has to offer.