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Vinay Kumar Nevatia Listed His Top 5 Comedy Movies Reviews

Humor is essential in life. The movies filled with comedy can tickle your funny bones and help you get rid of the stress and pressure you had at work or doing the household chores. Many best comedy movies are released year after year. 

Every comedy movie makes people laugh their lungs out throughout the screen time. Now, let us see the new comedy movies that have been released in 2020 and are the must-watch comedy movies in the humor genre, as suggested by Vinay Kumar Nevatia. It is time for you to grab a bucket of popcorn and sit on the cozy couch to watch these movies and your family

Vinay Kumar Nevatia Suggest its 5 Best Comedy Movies



It is an animated movie that is directed by Dan Scanlon. This animated movie falls on the top in Vinay Kumar Nevatia movie list.  The movie presents the journey of two brothers who are in the quest to talk to their father, who has departed from the world using their magic staff that is stud with a precious crystal. The comedy in the movie would leave you in splits. The mission of the two brothers would evoke a lot of laughs and some happy tears.

The Lovebirds


It takes you on a comic caper ride. Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae are the star cast of the movie. The combination has worked well, and the audience could not stop laughing at the comedy evoked by the couple in the movie. The couple is framed in a murder case, and they try different ways to escape from getting arrested.

The journey of a couple from escaping the case is hilarious and takes the movie to the next level. In the laugh riot, the couple also exposes the hit and run case smoothly.

Bad Boys for Life


If you need a good laugh during the pandemic crises then it is a must-watch movie according to Vinay Kumar Nevatia. It is the highly anticipated movie where the boys’ Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett taking you on a laughing ride. The comedy would be a little hot and has some action scenes.

The two boys spend 25 years together and come to a point in their lives where they have a difference in the opinion. A mistake made by Mike keeps haunting him. The laughs in the movies are about the protagonists being old.

Coffee and Kareem


There is a precious star cast for this movie. The actors are Ed Helms, Betty Gilpin, Terrence Little Gardenhigh, and Taraji P Henson. The story of this comedy movie is all about the cop officer James Coffee and a foul-mouthed kid named Kareem, whose mum always sleeps with coffee.

Kareem does not like the relationship of her mom with the cop and seeks the help of criminals to scare James Coffee, but it backfires. Coffee and Kareem join hands to get rid of the drug kingpin.

The comedy that is spilled by the cop would be humorous and make you laugh throughout the movie.

Bad Education


In “Vinay Kumar Nevatia 5 best comedy movie list” it is one of the best options to entertain you in lockdown season. It is a comedy-drama that is about the embezzlement hatched in the school district. The crime is done by the school superintendent and his assistant, who tries harder to avoid their scandal from seeing the light.

The actors deliver phenomenal performances. The story unfolds the embezzlement history carried out in the school slowly. It is packed with comedy and a message for the society.

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