The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has created a huge demand for jobs, as unemployment levels in the US have hit a massive 30 million, as per the latest reports. The US-based retail giant, Walmart has however reacted well to the situation. 

Yesterday, Walmart Rolls Out $180M in cash bonuses to its hourly associates across the USA. Moreover, it has also achieved its goal of hiring 200,000 in March, amid the huge unemployment crisis.

Walmart announced, We’ve seen firsthand our associates’ unwavering focus to take care of customers and members while providing a vital service to communities during this time <…>With this, Walmart rolls out $180M in cash bonuses to hourly associates, with more to come next month on our originally scheduled quarterly bonus payout date. This is in addition to the special cash bonus for all U.S. hourly associates earlier this month, which was $300 for full-time hourly and $150 for part-time hourly, a total of more than $365 million paid to our associates.”

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With this, Walmart has now paid $550 million to employees through bonuses or accelerated incentives. Moreover, its huge hiring activity of more than 200,000 employees in March will be distributed across its stores and fulfillment and distribution centers.

Recently, Walmart also returned the $12.6 million worth coronavirus aid to the HHS through a fund established to help health-care providers. Walmart has a massive global presence with more than 11,500 store locations, and it is indeed doing its bit in helping support and alleviate the existing job-crunch.