We have been using traditional money for the longest period of time, I believe, but now we are moving forward to the digital world. Have you ever questioned that why do we use traditional money? 

But I am very sure that you must have asked yourself about why to use bitcoin? Isn’t it?

I am here to tell you why bitcoin can change the world and how can bitcoin be accepted largely. We all have used bitcoineras.com at some point in our life, and we know how exactly it works. But for the ones who have not ever used bitcoin will never understand why I say that accepting bitcoin is very important. 

I will give you the reasons here why I feel accepting bitcoin is very important, and it will help the world to progress very easily. 

Ways in Which Bitcoin can Change the World

There are various ways in which bitcoin will change the perspective of the world, and hence it will take the world further. There are some countries that accept bitcoin, but they are not too sure of how far the world will progress. But let me tell you that when you have enough bitcoin all over the world, you will be able to change the world. 

Risks Will be Reduced 

Fraud is the biggest fear when we think of money. We are worried about how to deal with the fraudulent world and fail to understand the need for risks to be handled carefully. Anything that concerns money will also have a fear of loss behind the back of the mind. The risks could be of any time, right from transferring funds to just using the credit and the debit card easily. The insecurity is natural for the ones who have already faced the same kind of problem. 

Hence, if you adopt the digital currency, your financial risk will be minimized by at least 70% because here, no third party gets to know any information about you or your money. This is how the risk will be reduced majorly if you accept bitcoin and not only you, the whole world needs to accept it. 


Crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money for a good purpose/ concept or any product. Some investors will invest a huge amount while some others will spend just a small amount of money. Therefore, there would be some amount of risk if you try to raise in traditional currency. So, in such a case, the safest way to earn money is by bitcoin. This way, you can do crowdfunding from any corner of the world for any corner of the world. 

Cryptocurrency has a good impact on crowdfunding; hence it will be good to use crowdfunding for various reasons. This way, the world could be a better place very soon without worrying much about the action that is taken thereafter. 

Money Transfer will be Different. 

We already have the experience of a bank to a bank transfer, and we know it is really quick and fast. However, they have to be looked after even more. But if we look at cryptocurrency, it has already reached that space, moreover if the transfer is international in nature. In the case of cryptocurrency transfer, it does not require any kind of cheque or any balance in your account or anything that is relevant to the banking system. 

Hence you can be an expert at it and try to do some easy transfer of money; cryptocurrencies do not require transaction fees. 


I do regret that I am unable to list everything in this article, but I would definitely request you to go through as much as I have given here and let me know if you wish to know more. Then I can write another article for you mentioning the rest of the details in it. Please comment below to let me know your suggestion.