When Is the Best Time to Visit New York City?

If you are looking to spend some time in the Big Apple once conditions allow, you are not alone. Back in 2019, a record high of 67 million tourists visited New York City, spending more than $440 billion. While New York is an electrifying, fascinating, and unique place to visit all-year-round, some times are better than others.

Some of this will depend on the kind of traveler you are, while some of the best times to visit New York City are influenced by the simple fact that NYC is more hospitable at some points in the calendar year than at others. If you are trying to decide when to visit New York City, read this essential guide to the best time to visit New York City. 

1. Best Time to Visit New York City: Weather

When planning your New York City vacation, the weather should be one of your first considerations. The winter months, while offering the unbeatable magic that is Christmas in New York, can be brutal. The months of November to February are often well-below freezing with a wind chill that you will not forget about any time soon.

Conversely, the high summer months of late June through to late August are sweltering, with Manhattan’s dense skyscrapers creating a greenhouse effect that can result in temperatures of well over 100 degrees down on the street level. If you want to enjoy the best that summer in New York has to offer without suffering heatstroke, then plan your visit for late-April to early June. 

During this time, the sun is shining without being oppressive, outdoor venues are in full swing, and the hordes of tourists have not yet descended on the city. If you wish to enjoy a more winter vision of New York, then consider coming in November or February, where the cold is not usually at its peak but there is still a good chance of snow. 

2. Best Time to Visit New York City: Beat the Crowds

It is no secret that NYC can get, well, busy. On top of the city’s 9 million full-time residents, you have close to 70 million tourists clogging up the sidewalk at various points throughout the year. To avoid the crowds, you should aim to arrive during those sweet spots when the tourists have not arrived in full swing yet and when New Yorkers are more likely to be out of town.

Many residents tend to clear out of the city in summer, to escape the heat. This means that, if you are looking to drive into town and easily secure cheap NYC parking, this is the time to do it. Of course, high-summer can bring unbearable temperatures. The right balance is to come either in late-May to early-June or in September when tourists have not yet arrived in full force but many residents are still away.

If you are looking for places to visit in New York City, then iconic New York City destinations such as The Met, Rockefeller Center, Guggenheim Museum, and Ellis Island will all be free from crowds and long lines during these months. 

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