WHO Issues Warning, as Countries Plan on Lifting Lockdown

As the coronavirus pandemic keeps creating troubles across the world, affecting thousands every day, some countries surprisingly are planning to ease up restrictions and re-open certain sections of the economy. The USA has been a major proponent of the idea, with President Donald Trump suggesting to re-open sections of the US economy from May 1. However, the World Health Organization thinks otherwise. In a press briefing, the WHO clearly communicated the pandemic is still far from over, and coming back to normalcy in terms of reopening economies would be ‘trading lives for livelihood’. 

However, countries like Japan and Argentina plan to keep up the restrictions. Japanese health experts have made it clear that hosting the Olympic games next year would be next to impossible without a vaccine in place, and also clarified that a return to normal lives and re-opening of the economy is currently out of question.

Argentina, on the other hand, has placed a ban on the operations of commercial flights up to September 1st, 2020 in order to try and stop spreading of community infection. 

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To put it simply, many countries across the world are desperately trying to find ways and sustain their economies. However, the present spreading rate of the coronavirus does not seem to be conducive to that. The US has already crossed 56,000 COVID deaths, and the number of cases is increasing by the day.

While China and Italy are now in a slightly relaxed position after months-long death row, most other countries are still significantly experiencing incremental COVID cases. 

As the world battles against the deadly virus, the political banter is still on. Recently US President Donald Trump warned China to face consequences if it had deliberately initiated the spreading of the COVID-19. He also stopped funding the WHO, alleging that it had biased opinions towards China in regard to information related to the coronavirus.