• Whole Foods is providing free foods to the police who are on duty during this George Floyd protests
  • The company has fired one of its employees as she criticized the system
  • Megan claims that the company fails to show any specific reasons for firing

Whole Foods Worker

Whole Foods in Philadelphia has fired one of its workers. The worker shared posts on the social media platform that criticized the store management system for delivering and supplying free foods to the police force during George Floyd protests.

The name of the worker is Megan Murray, and she is 22 years old. She has spent around 2 years at the store. However, the company doesn’t acknowledge that they have fired her because of her social media posting. They say that it is because of a major infraction.

What Did Happen at the Store?

The outlet of the Whole Foods shares a portion with a police station. During the anti-police brutality protests, workers at the store heard something about the manager. They heard that the manager was delivering free foods to the police officers.

A spokesperson from the company said that the store had closed on 1st June because of the protests. But it provided water and prepared foods to the police officers for free. This kind of move made workers angry, including Megan Murrey.

Murrey said that in early June, team members began making posts about that. Then she began sharing a few of those posts and talked to her co-workers about their response. On Friday, she had gone into the work after sharing some of the posts. They had pulled Megan in and ran an investigation. She added that the company told her to take administration leaves, but after 24 hours, they called her and said they had fired her.

She also said that the company had not provided them any specific reason for the termination order but only major infraction.