Most of us dwell in a sphere of mind where we question ourselves least 100 times, “Should I have bitcoin or not?” It happened to me too, there was a point of time when I saw my friends and many of the relatives buying bitcoin, but I did not have a single bitcoin, and I always contemplated not having it. 

Many of my friends suggested that I should buy bitcoin but firstly, I had not so much money as well as I had no idea about the subject of bitcoin. Hence, I was in a dilemma and could not finalize whether or not to buy bitcoins.  

Also, I was financially very upset then and did not really know how to increase my money and all of that. 

I sought advice from the near and dear ones, and most of them suggested I do something for passive income like either has some business or do something on a part-time basis. But at that point in time, I came across an article like this, and that one article changed my life rigorously. 

Here I will discuss with you what I had done and what changed my life completely, and why you will regret not buying bitcoin.  

Why Will You Regret Not Buying Bitcoin – This Might Cause Depression 

Any regret is caused by the thought of both possible and impossible at the same time. Some of the psychologists have really worked hard for this concern, and they have found that even if someone owns bitcoin, he has the same fear as that of someone who does not. It means this is the mentality of those people who have a fear of missing out. You can invest in bitcoins using bitcoin up app

In many cases, it has been found that many do own bitcoin, but they are even then not so happy about it, and they regret having the bitcoin. While some who do not own the cryptocurrencies or the bitcoin are also in the same dilemma, and they wish they had it. 

The psychologists speak more about the mental setup of such people, and they say that these are the people who get various thoughts like the ones which I am going to mention now. 

  1. Such people think about what the reality is like and what could have been the possible changes if he/she chose the other option. 
  2. Rethinking about the decision which actually gave this relevant outcome
  3. The exaggeration or overthink about the actual incident. 

Now, if We Speak from the Bitcoin Point of View

I can certainly not say whether it is good to have bitcoin or not, but all I can say is that if you wish to have bitcoin, then you can have it. It is all about suiting your psychology; if you think that you have enough money, then automatically you will be happy with the number of bitcoins you have or not. But if you feel that you do not have enough money, then you will be upset about it. 

Financial independence is largely important to be in mental peace; that is what causes depression in most cases. Hence it is very important that you are mentally satisfied in order to have a depression fee for which if you have to buy bitcoin, then you must. But just buying crypto is not enough; if you have crypto, then you will also have to know about tips for crypto trading. 


I have faced such situations and come over it; hence I know what exactly you are going through. But let me tell you that you need to discuss it with some near and dear one who would at least be able to support you or be by you when you need someone. If you wish to know more about it, then please comment in the section below, and I will tell you more about this issue then; in my next article, I will address more issues.