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Will the medical shows repair the broken healthcare systems in the US?

The world of television is changing rapidly over time. First, there were a handful of broadcasting networks such as CBS, BBC. However, the world is continually evolving. Now, the popularity of streaming has made the TV industry much more diverse than ever. Since the core existence of hospital dramas, there has been a mysterious ailment, and this baffles the physicians for a long time.

In some of the acclaimed TV-Series such as House, there are some of the unexplained illness, yet the doctors did manage to save the day. There are also ample of sensational and compartmentalized reality series which features on cable. Nevertheless, the presently streaming “Diagnosis” on Netflix and “Chasing the Cure” on TBS/TNT are making patients ask as to what is ailing them.

Different shows come with distinctive formats, and they have various style, tone as well as composition. However, these shows focus on one simple thing, and that is medical practice. TV Shows such as these also raises some potential questions in terms of practical and ethical nature. However, the primary problem is, does the crowd knows very much about unorthodox medical practices?

The medical professionals who have taken active roles in these TV-Series know that the crowd can empathetically react to situations like these. However, the truth is that the group already seems to know a lot. Moreover, when people are dealing with some of the unsolved cases which revolve around the suffering. There are people in the world who might have gone through the same pain and a medical professional who would’ve also dealt with a case which is similar to this.

The TV Series is breaking stereotypes, and it is also giving rise to the collaboration of two distinctive worlds, patients and medical professionals. In Chasing the cure show, the hour-long episodes showcase around three to four cases. There are also brief videos concerning the well-being of the patients and their lifestyles.

If medical professionals start working out in this way, then there is a chance that it might change medical practice forever. The world is evolving, is it becoming better every day, there are countless untimely deaths due to health issues every hour, so people deserve compassion and empathy.

The scope of medical practices is getting more extensive, and the healthy population of the world knows that they need each other for survival. Crowdsourcing is a fun way to convey that people medical professionals also care about the well-being of the people.

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