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Will TikTok take over Facebook and Instagram?

TikTok is the new kid in town when it comes to social media apps. It’s the fastest growing social media platform at the moment but could it overtake the well-established platforms like Facebook and Instagram?

TikTok already has some of the features included in other social media apps. As well as the standard follow and like functions, they have set up an advertising program. Brands are working through management agencies to access the platforms of the top influencers. In the two years that the app has been available in the United States, it has already been turned into a money-making business, benefiting influencers, brands and, of course, TikTok themselves.

A massive advantage TikTok has over its predecessors is the audience the app is attracting. 40% of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24. This new player in the game is attracting the younger audience, especially the generation z demographic, that Facebook doesn’t appeal to anymore. An older person is much more likely to be on Facebook than they are on TikTok. In fact, of those aged 65 and over who use the internet 62% of them are on Facebook. Many users see Facebook as a way to post family photos instead of the lip-syncs and dances that trend on TikTok. The content has a clear difference considering 36% of the top stories on Facebook are about politics.

Instagram clearly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon with 1 billion monthly users in 2018. It does have the attention of younger generations too with 75% of 18 to 24 year olds using Instagram. TikTok and Instagram attract very similar demographics. They both produce influencers too. Facebook does not have the same influencer phenomenon. Brands use profiles with high engagement and a lot of followers to promote their brand. Companies pay thousands to have influencers mention their products in their posts. What is posted on both Instagram and TikTok are highly relevant and fast-paced.

Facebook doesn’t make use of hashtags like TikTok and Instagram do. You can easily search for posts that are trending through the associated hashtag. To get involved in the hype all you have to do is follow the challenge and use the hashtag to make yourself searchable with the followers of the trend. Interacting through trends is a massive part of how TikTok works. Filming dances, lip-syncing to songs, comedy and doing duets (using someone else’s videos in yours and adding to it) is popular. As well as joining in with trends, users can build their profile through promotional websites, such as https://tiktokfollowersfree.com/. Similar websites have been used for Instagram but often they were bots or scams. This website gets genuine profiles to follow and like content. As it’s already been said, big followings create influencers who can work with brands and build a career from social media.

Instagram does have trending hashtags but the purpose of content creation isn’t exactly the same. Instagram is like a photo blog. People put up photos that represent milestones in their life or something they are interested in. A business might announce the launch of a new product. While still being creative, Instagram tends to be more personal and long captions can add to the value of the photo. TikTok is more about instant entertainment. You have a minute to impress users. They don’t spend time reading a long caption or finding out who you are. Users want to be entertained.

All three social media platforms are different. Only two years into TikTok’s lifespan, it’s hard to tell if it will have the staying power like Facebook’s 14 years in use. It is rising quickly at the moment but the fast rise always slows down at some point. It even has for Instagram. New accounts are not being created at the rate they once were. Many social media apps have risen and fallen very quickly without taking out consistent platforms, such as Facebook. As the platforms are so distinct TikTok could rise up alongside other social media. Instagram could be the place for personal photos with TikTok being a space for entertaining videos. What we know for sure is that TikTok has risen quickly and continues to rise in popularity.