• Woke’s Fashion brands in the USA is in trouble
  • The statements from fashion based organizations and individuals clash with their internal behavior
  • An experience from Elle Santiago, a worker from LA-based brand

Woke’s Fashion Brands in the US

The appearance of Woke’s fashion brands in the US is crumbling. As a consequence of the police murder of an African American man George Floyd, the growing images of several shops and brands are being torn away.

After the murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, the USA citizens were on the fire. This murder had given rise to a harsh debate over the racism practice in America. Under this pressure, individuals and organizations in the fashion sector got the spotlight, especially those organizations and individuals whose statements were in a clash with their internal behavior. They used to give their “woke” statements. Those statements were in support of the anti-racism.

The editor-in-chief of the US Vogue, Anna Wintour, asked for an apology. It was because of the stories and images in the magazine that were hurtful to the black people. Also, the founder of the blog named Man Repeller said that she would back off after the criticism.

Internal Behavior and an Experience

The LA-based brand named Reformation, donated to Reclaim the Block, Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, Black Visions Collective, and the ACLU, Elle Santiago criticized them because of their internal practice. Elle Santiago was a former employee of them.

Elle Santiago wrote on Instagram that the company undervalued and overlooked her because of her color, though she had worked in their store for three years. That was the hardest. She also wrote that she had cried several times after knowing that her skin color would get her nowhere. She added that Yael Aflalo denied her work promotions and ignored her for her race.

Aflalo asked for an apology at the weekend and donated $500,000 and announced a diversified board. However, Elle Santiago stepped down from the company the last Friday.