War of Warcraft

It has already been 15 years since the game World of Warcraft first entered the market, and it has begun to show its age. For example, the character creation screen hasn’t changed so much through this long time despite the addition of some new playable classes, races as well as a ton of extended ways to edit the appearance.

Yesterday, the closed alpha test Shadowlands expansion, which was updated to add some new features. It also included the unexpected change to how the character creation works. Players can now see the new version, and most of them don’t like this one.

New Update

If a player is not familiar with the old version of World of Warcraft, then he can visit the website to compare the previous version with the newest. The biggest difference is how everything is presented in a minimal way. Now, the race selection is not on the left side, and it is now featured on the right side of the screen. Now you don’t need to go to an entirely different menu to see Allied Races, special variants of the central races that the players unlock via different means.

It is nice to have all the race options available on a single page; however, the entire rework provides the player with the vibes of mobile game. The circular character portrait buttons are like something that the player should be pressing with his thumb, not clicking with the mouse.

The customization options are also now different. Instead of scrolling through the panel, which displays options, there are now sliders, and you have to adjust your body parts by changing slides. Again, this is another part that most of the players don’t like.

This character making process may take around two minutes, but players don’t like to think about it for a month.