The introduction of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are still about eight months away, especially if the time frame of November is indeed correct. Both Microsoft and Sony are grabbing the cards adjacent to the vest to unveil the upcoming consoles. Still, we know nothing about the devices. All that we know are that they will prompt their owners to raise a question – Do I need to buy a new TV to run all video games? 

But, we haven’t seen the hardware specifications in detail from Sony or Microsoft. However, the companies have disclosed information which represents that they are planning next-gen consoles for the next-gen TVs. Indeed where they begin getting into – VRR, ALLM, 8K, 120 Hz. However, these new aspects have promising updates. Such as, 120 Hz indicates that the refresh rate of the TV can present games as well as the other contents, which will be running at the speed of 120 frames. The rate (120 frames/speed) is as fast as most of the consoles.

Still, a lot of people don’t have 4K TV. So, it can’t be thought of as having 8K display. Therefore, it is really unimaginable to have this next-gen console.

Microsoft and Sony are assuring the same capabilities for both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. If one system finishes shipping more effective features than the other, then both of them will allow for the gaming at the resolution of 8K. This is indeed four times greater and many pixels than 4K. Besides, the rate of frame goes up to 120 fps in this 8K display. This will undoubtedly require brand-new hardware.

People are expecting more from Microsoft rather than Sony as they appear with more details about the next-gen console. In December 2019, Microsoft began the next Xbox under Project Scarlett, presenting a trailer. After that, they disclosed the design of the console and its final name.