Coronavirus Rumors and YouTube Video Prohibition

YouTube has suppressed the videos that deceitfully demand that the 5G next-generation mobile networks cause the symptoms of coronavirus. But the respiratory illness is truly not caused by the 5G next-generation mobile networks; it is caused by the novel coronavirus. On Tuesday, the massive video services revealed this issue.

On Monday, it was considered that these videos should be borderline, and these videos aren’t removed but instead inhibited by YouTube by decreasing how much the service suggests them to be seen.

The conspiracy has spread on all the social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube and has guided to a possible torching invasion against the UK phone towers.

On Tuesday, in a statement, YouTube said that any content that contradicts the spread or existence of coronavirus, as detailed by the World Health Organization, along with local health authorities, would be held responsible for violating YouTube policies. That included the conspiracy theories which demanded that the symptoms of coronavirus were caused by the 5G mobile networks.

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users and also has said that it would resume decreasing the suggestions for borderline content, which could misguide the general people and viewers in harmful ways. YouTube also said that they would continue to analyze the impact of those videos on the communities across the world and would seek to maintain their work with the governments as well as health institutions to keep the people safe and inform the difficult moment.

Coronavirus is now widely transmitted across the world, along with the misinformation. But the 5G network is a radio wave that transmits data, and the virus, named SARS-CoV-2, has no relation with the radio waves. This false theory has caught the interest of some anti-5G groups, and the national medical director of the UK has called it a 5G conspiracy theory.