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YTS: How to Access YTS Torrent and YTS Top 5 Alternative

You’re at the right place if you are finding ways to access YTS – the most popular free movie downloading platform. In this article, you’ll know all about YTS, the tricks to access it, and the most viable alternatives. Let’s dive in! 

YTS is known to be a peer to peer torrent site that allows free online movie downloads. It has been arguably the most popular torrent websites over the years, thanks to its superb user interface and downloading capacity. 

The original YTS website used to house a comprehensive directory of movies, TV shows, web series, music files, gaming files, etc. 

More importantly, all of this content was available in multiple languages including Indian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. 

All in all, YTS served as the one-stop entertainment solution for many years, before being finally brought down by the Motion picture Association of America back in 2015. 

Are YIFY and YTS the same?

One of the most common queries among the audience is – Are YIFY and YTS the same? Let’s draw an end to that question. 

YIFY Torrents was named after its founder Yiftach Swery. The site used to provide free downloadable content on its platform. 

After being banned by authorities in the UK, it came up with another website named yify-torrents.im, thus allowing users to access YIFY.

However, in 2014, when Yiftach decided to step down from YIFY, the site was renamed/rebranded as YTS (an abbreviation from YIFY Torrent Solutions). 

Hence, to answer that question, YTS and YIFY are the same.

YTS went down – Why?

It is fair to say that YTS gained a lot of popularity among BitTorrent sites up until 2015 when the Motion picture Association of America filed a lawsuit against it for “facilitating and encouraging massive copyright infringement”. 

The site’s popularity started plummeting and was eventually taken down. However, YTS browser or YIFY browser continues to operate under a number of different names, and many fans have deemed those as the new YIFY.


YTS Torrent Anonymously – Access

YTS Torrent is often unavailable, despite being live under a number of different names. However, we understand that you might want to access it provided that it offers an extensive library of quality content.

The best way to do so is by YIFY Proxy and Mirrors. These are nothing but a replica of the original YTS site.


In the case of proxies, you are channeled through a proxy server anonymously, thus shielding you from your ISP and helping you access the site. Mirrors, on the other hand, are simply replica sites. 

While most of these might not be available, we have curated a list of the best YTS Proxy and Mirror sites. 


Best YTS Proxy Sites

  1. https://yts.unblocked.llc/
  2. https://yts.unblocked.vet/
  3. https://yts.unblocked.vet/
  4. https://ytss.unblocked.ms/
  5. https://yts.pm/


Best YTS Mirror Sites

  1. https://yts.am/
  2. https://www4.yify.is/
  3. http://yify.live/
  4. http://yify.rocks/
  5. https://yifymovies.me/


YTS Torrent using a VPN – Access

Basically to access these websites in your country you have to download VPN. So let’s first talk about how VPN works? – VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. 

Once you download and activate a VPN, it basically puts you through a tunnel network and a private IP anonymously, while shielding your original IP, thus allowing access to otherwise restricted/blocked sites. 


Interestingly, due to regulatory compliances, certain sites are restricted in some countries, while accessible in others. 

For example, a YTS site may be blocked in India, but accessible in Australia (for example). In this scenario, a VPN comes in really handy. It allows you to manually manipulate and set Australia as your current location as if you were originally surfing from there. 

This then lets you access YTS seamlessly. Even some of the mirror and proxy sites are inaccessible in certain countries, thus making it inevitable for you to use an effective VPN. 

We recommend you to only use the best VPN services to get efficient results. Here are a couple of VPN services that are really useful. 


Best VPNs to Access YTS

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Surfshark is one of the most trusted and secure VPN services available. Equipped with the AES-256-GCM data encryption method, Surshark offers extreme security and reliability. 

It also provides a 30-days free trial with an option to connect an unlimited number of devices from a single account. 

For premium access, Surfshark charges around $1.99 per month. 


NORD VPN, on the other hand, is slightly costlier than Surfshark. It charges $3.22 per month for premium access and allows connecting 6 devices to a single account. 

That said, NORD VPN is used globally and considered the ultimate VPN service – thanks to its high-security interface and premium features. 

If you are a movie buff, these VPNs with the premium subscription will be absolutely worth it.

A few other trusted VPNs include – CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, Browsec ZenMate, Private VPN, etc. 


Accessing YTS Torrent using TOR

Tor is an open-source tool that allows you to browse through the Internet while maintaining complete anonymity. 

In the context of this article, you can use the Tor browser to access YTS Torrent anonymously. 

The Tor browser essentially replaces your original IP address with a fake one, thus helping you bypass IP regulations and access restricted sites. 

So, if you are looking to access YTS and download movies and shows uninterruptedly, we recommend you to use the Tor Browser. Here is a stepwise guide explaining – How to Access YTS Torrents Using Tor?

  • Download the Tor Browser. Install it. 
  • Download a Torrent Downloading client. We recommend uTorrent. Install it on your PC. 
  • Open the uTorrent software and set Proxy settings as follows: 

Type – Socks5     


Port:- 9150 or 9050

  • Open the Tor Browser and click on ‘Start Tor Browser’. This will automatically allow a proxy address to your device. 

Once you complete these four simple steps, you are all set to browse anonymously. Now go to a YTS site, click on a relevant torrent file and download your favorite movies. 

The current that you previously installed automatically activates itself and starts your download. 

All of the above-mentioned methods of accessing restricted sites are somewhat unsafe – especially with the high-end security and privacy mechanisms that are being implemented by various governments across the world. 

While these are the best ways to access YTS sites, we also recommend you to consider a few alternatives. 

Hence, we have listed the best YTS alternative for you to choose from and enjoy your favorite movies, web series & TV shows. 


5 Best – YTS Alternatives


01Torrent is arguably the best YTS alternative out there. It houses a wide range of content including movies, TV shows, and even MP3 files. 

The site is equipped with a whole lot of features to offer you a seamless experience. To your delight, 01Torrent does not require any sort of registration to download content. 

All you have to do is click on the download link and you’re all set. Additionally, the site updates its content at regular intervals. 

So you don’t need to wait for months before getting hold of your favorite movie or show. 

All in all, if you are looking for the ultimate free online movie streaming experience, this is the place to be.  


The Pirate Bay

To put it simply, this is the hub for all pirated movies and shows. The Pirate Bay is by far the most loved platform, thanks to its huge repository of movies, TV shows, and web series from all genres – be it Bollywood or Hollywood. 

A great user interface clubbed with well-categorized content makes this site a go-to for all your free online movie download requirements. 



If you are looking for an all-in-one alternative to YTSTorrent, isoHunt is the answer. Apart from a wide range of movies, TV shows, web series, and music files, isoHunt also allows you to download gaming software, application installer packages, etc. 

It is also equipped with an advanced search mechanism, that lets you get hold of your desired download package at once. 

For its sheer versatility, isoHunt is easily one of the best alternatives out there. 



CiniSearch is specifically designed for web series fans. It houses a huge number of series and TV shows from multiple genres and languages. 

However, if you are a movie buff, CiniSearch has you covered as well. 

It is one of the most popular free online movie streaming torrents, and an enviable user interface makes it a great.



This is probably the most unique site among all our YTS alternatives. While it is a great free online movie streaming site, it also allows you to schedule a download, apart from the traditional downloading feature. 

More interestingly, it allows you to review the content that you have downloaded from the site. 

This makes it a sort of community of movie lovers, where you can have a look at others’ opinions before downloading a particular piece of content. 

Just like the YTS browser, LimeTorrent enables you to download movies, TV shows, web series, music files, gaming files, etc. 


Ending Note

In this article, we have covered almost all aspects in regard to YTS, and hope to have cleared all your queries. 

Now that you have all the information about how to access YTS and its best alternatives, hit the web, and start streaming. 

Please comment on your queries and thoughts below. Cheers!