New Facebook Emojis Are Here

New Facebook emojis are coming to make the platform more interesting and funny. Currently, a lot of people are staying indoors and passing their time on Facebook or other social platforms, where they can chat with their friends, colleagues, family members, neighbours, and so on.

Today, the company said that it would be adding a new reaction to give the people another way of showing reactions and emotions to other people. These new Facebook emojis will be like – an emoji face hugging a heart, and a pulsing heart. These emojis will appear like the normal emojis, including the thumbs up, a basic heart, the laughing emoji, shock, sadness emoji, and anger emoji.

Two New Emojis

These two new Facebook emojis are indicators of “care”. All the emojis that have been developed after that “thumbs up” button are indicators to emotion. People express their feeling towards a post or message with those emojis. From the next week, the emojis will start appearing on Facebook as well as in messenger. Among those two, it is guessed that “the face hugging a heart” emoji will be available in the Facebook’s main app, and the pulsing heart emoji will be available in the messenger. Like the normal situation, you will see appearing these emojis while pressing on the existing thumbs up button.

A spokesperson said about these new Facebook emojis that they expected those reactions and emojis would give the people a new way to express their love and support in this COVID-19 pandemic. They know that this COVID-19 is an uncertain period, and they want the general people to be able to express their support and emotion in different ways, which will let their families and friends think that they are thinking of them.

Today, a product designer at Facebook, Pedja Ristic, tested the reaction on his own posts to make sure.