• Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has banned alcohol license of several bars in Texas
  • The Texas bars didn’t follow coronavirus protocols
  • BARge has admitted the fault and is appealing with the help of attorneys
  • TABC posted a video on Twitter that shows the crowd in the bar

Several Texas Bars Are Suspended

In Texas, the alcohol licenses of several bars have been suspended by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. These Texas bars didn’t follow the coronavirus protocols properly. On Friday, the team of TABC conducted an undercover inspection to observe if the people follow the coronavirus guidelines or not.

These guidelines include that the capacity to contain customer in the bars should be 50%. On the other hand, the percentage is  75% for restaurants. According to a press release given by TABC, customers should maintain a social distance of 6 feet from each other. However, it didn’t mention the use of masks.

Over the weekend, the team has inspected more than 3,000 establishments. But among them, the team suspended the alcohol license of 12 bars in Seabrook, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Lubbock, McAllen, and El Paso. Also, these Texas bars need to stay under Operation Safe Open for 30 consecutive days. For further violations, the number of days can increase to 60.

What Do TABC and Bars Say of It?

BARge 295 in the Seabrook mentioned on the Facebook page that TABC suspended their alcohol license because they allowed the customers to stand close. It also mentioned that they allowed the customers to gather inside the bar. They allowed 30 people inside and 70 outside. The total residence of the place is 600. They intended to follow the order strictly. They were appealing that with the aid of their attorneys.

The officials of TABC haven’t mentioned which regulations the bars had violated by those Texas bars. However, the intelligent agency posted clear photos and videos on Twitter. There it was clear that there were so many people together.