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Things to know about Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower

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When selecting from a large cannabidiol-dominant strain, weed lovers usually select the Special Sauce. This highly sought-after cultivar is known for its powerful, renewing effect. Several rare terpenes such as floral phytol, hoppy farnesene, and flavored b-caryophyllene add spice to its flavor.

This cannabis is okay for use during the daytime because it has mild calming effects. This property can help to take care of excessive worry. However, due to the flavor in the b-caryophyllene, sedation may not pose any significant issue.

So, when you feel tired or your mind desires energy to carry out productive work, just roll some special sauce joints and puff your daily troubles away. You will feel more relaxed and peaceful; the hemp will not leave you wasted or stoned.

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Origin of Special Sauce

Special Sauce was first found in Oregon. The CBD team in Oregon crossed the first Resin Berry strain with a composition of an older strain of Special Sauce. This awesome combination turned out to be among the best strains for most users of marijuana as it combined all advantages of its parents. 

The amazing concentration of CBD in this cultivar comes from an initial strain of Special Sauce. And the relaxation, together with the concentration we derive from this cannabis, is because of this initial strain.

Early Resin Berry (ERB), the other parent in the combination we talked about earlier, brings forward its bright, colorful aroma along with style. Loud fruity berry notes within the flavor aren’t the sole advantages transmitted from ERB. Additionally, the hemp is known to boost mood, enthusiasm for enjoyment, and motivation. It donates its powers to the offspring.

Taste and Aroma of Special Sauce

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Special Sauce flowers smell like fresh green grass. At first, it smells very refreshing, then you’ll begin to feel some sturdy tone of resin smell that reminds you of gas. Also, sharp-flavored notes of pine and lemon nicely mix with the bitter smell. This will camouflage it as well as bring out the well-known weed fragrance.

The flower’s dried buds hold a discreet and delicate mixture of several scents. You will notice sandalwood, vanilla, citrus fruits, and berries. Then, at the base, you will feel hops, cinnamon, earth, and musk aromas. Taking the first sniff from a roll of this CBD seems very pleasant and comforting to those new to it.

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Characteristics and Appearance

The Special Sauce holds a lot of cannabis in its nugs and flowers. Its buds are obviously smaller than the buds of other cultivars. They are trimmed from the flowers and appear unimpressive. But you may have to suspend the desire of choosing more appealing species. That’s because these very little buddies offer the same aroma as well as a powerful effect as its alternatives.

Furthermore, the hemp flower’s colors vary from orange hues, woody brown, to shiny pine green. They’re appealing to the eye, having springy and dense little buds, together with long skinny hairs covering a whole nug. Its tendrils are orange or yellow, which makes the hemp look more beautiful. The abundance of white trichomes also gives it a frosty and slightly fuzzy exterior. 

Despite the fact that the hemp is miniature, its nugs are strong and have distinguished crystal coatings. Also, the amount of trichomes and hairs makes its bud terribly sticky. It will cover your hand with crystal and fragrant resins when you disintegrate it. This film will stay on your skin and leave stains on your clothes and other items around you.

Effects of the Special Sauce Hemp Flower

Some major effects are:

  1. It improves sleep and relaxes the muscles
  2. It eliminates disturbing and discomforting thoughts
  3. It keeps your brain awake
  4. It eases pain
  5. It helps you to enjoy life
  6. It can improve motivation
  7. It can balance and elevate your mood
  8. It combats anxiety and depression
  9. It relieves stress

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Special Sauce hemp provides various advantages, together with almost no risks. It doesn’t cause you to be too high, doesn’t affect your pattern of thinking, and it’s very difficult to overdose. You might love giving this a try. Getting the right products, however, is also very essential.

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