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Zoom Explosive Growth in 2020 – Yuan Will Talk at the Disrupt 2020


  • Eric Yuan will speak at Disrupt 2020
  • His higher-ups at the WebEx rejected his idea of making a mobile-friendly video conferencing software
  • Yuan successfully launched Zoom in 2011
  • Only in April, Zoom had 300 million regular active users

Founder and CEO of Zoom and Disrupt 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has broken a lot of technology startup firms. However, there are also some startups that have gained profit from the outbreak. One of such startups is Zoom. This startup has made it easier for us to stay connected to our works and other people. For remote workers, this can be extremely beneficial.

It can be a thrilling issue at the Disrupt 2020 online. The founder and CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan, is going to speak at the Disrupt 2020.

During 1997, Eric Yuan moved to Silicon Valley after being severely rejected only for a work visa for nine times. Later, he got a job at WebEx. Later, he became the VP of Engineering there. He threw a brilliant idea for making mobile-friendly video conferencing software. But his higher-ups firmly rejected this idea.

Arriving of Zoom and Its Explosion in 2020

In 2011, Eric Yuan successfully launched the software Zoom, which is now widely appreciated. In this modern world, the app is one of the greatest teleconferencing systems. This is a tough competitor of Cisco and Google.

According to the news report, Zoom popped around 81% in the first trading day, collecting a valuation of approximately $16 billion. But the firm has got a surprising boost in this year. There was hardly anyone who thought the explosion this year. The pandemic has increased the demand for this reliable and user-friendly video conferencing software for all the people. It includes students, remote workers, family members, and so on.

The source added that only in April, the software had 300 million regular active participants.