• Defund the Police – A call from the Republicans
  • Republicans promised police officers that they won’t turn their backs
  • The call has been embraced by the protestors

The American president Donald Trump, and his allies have called the “Defund the Police”. Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, called this suggestion as strange. Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, promised the police department and officers that the Republicans would not turn their backs to them.

The Term Defund the Police

Defund the police means that the budget of the government will be spending on housing, employment, health, and education, and other programs rather than on police officers. Currently, the United States is spending $115bn. This increment is because of the reduction in crime incidence.

Defund the Police and the Protestors

The call has been embraced by the protestors who are protesting across the nation in response to the killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Mr. President, along with his Republican allies are trying to seize the movement to use the protestors against the Democrats, especially Joe Biden, the nominee.

The Republicans are using the situation as a weapon so that they can use it against the Democrats. It is because Trump is still falling behind the nominee Joe Biden, according to the latest polls.

The Democrats have given their promise to control the power of the police department. Biden, on Monday, stayed away from the slogan when people were embracing – defund the police.

Andrew Bates, a campaign spokesman, said that the former Vice President privately met with the family members of George Floyd. He believes that adding the funding for public schools, mental health treatments, and summer programs with support for police officers could lead to better outcomes.

Also, Trump has begged law enforcement to rule over the streets where the people were marching against the police brutality. On Monday, at the White House, President Trump said that they won’t be defunding their police, and there won’t be dismantling as well. Also, they won’t be going to disband their police officers.