Starting a business is a dream of many people. It takes more than simply having the vision to make that dream a reality. One needs to indulge in careful planning, meticulous execution, and take care of any unexpected hindrances that may come along the way. It is only when one surpasses all such challenges does the business set off.

While this may look like the end of struggles for an entrepreneur, it is from here that the real journey begins. In today’s world, where access to information is just a click away, entrepreneurs have to walk the extra mile to catch the attention of their target audience. In such a situation, video storytelling does wonders in increasing the reach of a brand.

Introduce the Audience to the People Behind

Man is a gregarious animal and likes to relate with fellow humans. The best way you can leverage this natural human tendency is to bring the people behind a product or service at the forefront of your video. If yours is a service-based company, introduce yourself in the video and talk about how you came across the problem that got you to think of this service as a solution.  

Knowing the people behind a widget and why they like to make it will make people relate to your brand. The stories that you tell will put a name and face to the commodity that you are selling, which will go a long way in boosting their sales.

Make the Most of Video Testimonials

The human mind is often confused and likes to hear first-hand experiences before making a purchase. You can simplify things for your potential customers by preparing visual reviews of satisfied customers. While written reviews are boring to read, the smiling faces of satisfied customers will bridge the gap between you and your potential customers.

The success of a video testimonial lies in making it look as real and transparent as possible. When a customer commends your work, request them for a short video stating their experience. Use an online video editor to combine a few such short videos into a testimonial.

Instruction and Demonstration Videos

When people buy a product, they want to use it as soon as possible. The simpler the process of installation and setup, the better it is for the customers. While, in most cases, there is not much you can do to simplify the setup, you can always work on giving clear instructions.

An average person prefers watching a demo video in lieu of reading long lines of boring text. By creating a well-edited product setup and instruction guide, you will save the time and effort of your customers, making them choose you in the future as well. If you are a company selling tech products, make sure that the demo videos that you make break complex tech-stuffs for the layman.

Offer Exclusive Content in your Videos

This is of importance if your brand is launching a new product. Work on creating a ‘Behind the Scenes’ video that talks about the product or service that is to be launched. Offer snippets of interesting information that may include key features of the product, how it plans to revolutionize the market, celebrities who are keen to use it, etc.

The idea behind such videos is to create hype and anticipation among the audience. Plan out the video so that you can build the excitement without giving a while maintaining the necessary discretion. Once the video is shot to your liking, you may use a free YouTube intro maker to edit it to your taste.

Establish Brand Recognition

The videos that you create should not just tell the story of your brand, but they must also relate to your product or service. To understand this, let us consider an example. ZooZoos are characters that one would associate with Vodafone. It is through their video storytelling that the brand has been able to establish this correlation.

Before you make a video for your brand, sit back, and identify the recognition factor that you want. This may be anything from your brand’s logo to a tagline or a character. Use that consistently through all your videos (if you are making multiple videos) to ascertain the pattern and make sure that the audience is able to join the dots.

Answer Common Questions

If you are in the business for a day or two, you will realize that a good fraction of the questions that your potential customers have are repetitive in nature. An effective way of catering to this and engaging in effective conversions would be by preparing video answers for the same.

A potential client who is surfing through multiple service providers will be more likely to watch a short video rather than read textual FAQs. If you are able to answer the question they have in mind without being asked, you will establish your credibility as an industry expert. For preparing such answer videos at short notice, you can log on to

Engage in Interactive Sessions

Several social media platforms allow you the opportunity to go live. Make the most of this feature and engage in meaningful conversations with your target group. Encourage the viewers to ask you questions.

Be prepared with questions on the product and use them if no one is asking you anything.  Start off like “Often people ask me why…. (followed by the question”. This will make people more comfortable in asking you queries. By answering their queries, you will be winning the audience’s trust, which will directly reflect om your business.

Effective use of video can help you connect with your target group. Modern communication has fostered multiple platforms where you and your customers can unite to hear each other’s side of the story. This will help you understand their needs and deliver as per their expectations.

With that, you can build the foundations of lifelong trust on which your business can grow and spread its wings in the years to come.