NVIDIA has long been working to add a realistic visual experience to Minecraft, and it has finally done so by rolling out the upgrade to Windows users yesterday. This is the first major Minecraft upgrade, ever since it was launched 10 years ago. 

Minecraft has remained one of the most popular games for over a decade now. Despite being as it for such a long time, game lovers have not lost interest in it. However, the makers of the game have finally upgraded it with a form of ray tracing to install a better real-time cinematic experience to it.

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Till now, Minecraft’s visuals were all about blocks and patterns. With the new upgrade, NVIDIA has added ray-traced reflections, lighting, shadows, and customized realistic materials into the game. Apart from these, gamers will also have access to 6 new RTX worlds made by community creators. It can be downloaded from the Minecraft marketplace for gamers with Minecraft Windows 10. A few of the most talked-about RTX worlds include – Imagination Island, Neon District, and Aquatic Adventure.

With the new update, Minecraft’s visuals will be more realistic. More so because NVIDIA is using its updated AI Upscaler to capture low-resolution images and upscale those into higher resolution. 

As of now, the upgrade is in the Beta version, and you can expect some more changes in the near future. It is being speculated that future upgrades will include multiplayer modes, third party cross plays, design improvements, etc.