The Elder Scrolls Online DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online is now dropping its price so that gamers can subscribe to it and can play at a lower cost for a week. This great initiative from the company will allow a lot of gamers to try the Online DLC of this game. In fact, they can try out the ESO Plus membership that includes the means of entry to the DLC game packs until 27th April.

The MMO is now playable without a subscription, which is even greater. However, it will leave you with a lot of DLC packages to buy. Also, the ESO Plus Membership lets you protect all of your crowns. But giving you access to the enormous 16 game packages and including the Harrowstorm DLC of the last month.

What Will You Get?

You will get a lot of other benefits as well, which will include a great crafting back that will give you unlimited storage magically for all your crafting supplies, a buff to XP, double bank space, and gold acquisition. But, you won’t receive the monthly allowances or ESO Plus deals at the shop. However, these will be available for the paid members.

The Elder Scrolls Online DLC is indeed free to play, but the player still needs to buy the main game that is right now being sold at $20 on Steam. So, you need to grab this before the offer expires. If you have the MMO in your own library, then that’s pretty a good deal, though, a lot of the contents of the game packages won’t be accessible immediately if you are beginning a new character.

The highlight for the player may be the Morrowind expansion. That’s not quite the same as playing a modern version. This is still the MMO, after all. But it can be as close as we hope to get.